Stella ramola

You Are Under God’s Surveillance

Stella Ramola
23 Sep

My dear friend, it’s a joy to greet you with the Lord’s promise for today. We will be meditating on the verse found in Psalm 121:5 which says, “The Lord watches over you”. What a beautiful promise of God!

Whenever I read this verse, I remember a story about a practice that was prevalent in a particular village. In this village, each night, a man from one family will have to protect the entire village. This man of the house would walk around the entire village to protect the people at night. He had a long stick and would tap it on the ground making noise and also would keep singing some songs. Everyone in the village would know that there is someone watching over them. The thieves or the people who try to harm would also be aware that there is somebody watching over these villagers. Hence, the people of the village slept so peacefully knowing that there is someone to protect them and that their entire family is safe; their homes are safe and their whole village is safe.

My friend, in the same way, God is watching over you. Not only during the mornings when we are wide awake but also throughout the night, just like the person who takes turns protecting the village at night. This is mentioned in Psalm 121:4, “He (God) who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Yes, the Protector of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. Hence, God is always awake watching over you. Even when you close your eyes at night, His eyes are open to see what is happening around you and to see that no harm touches you. So be of good cheer, my friend! Don’t be afraid. God is watching over you. 

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your wonderful promise. I thank You for protecting me always. Your word says that I am the apple of Your eye. Thank You, Lord, for Your love for me. Lord, even today as I pray, protect me from all harm and danger. Protect me from all sicknesses, accidents and from the things that are planned against me by the enemy. Lord, thank You, for watching over me day and night to keep me safe and protected. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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