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Every seed expands Heaven and in return channels Heaven into your heart

“I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice.” (John 16:22)

Every year over 3,00,000 people touched by God

Since its inception in 1993, over the 28 years, 84,00,000 hearts speak of the joy of being touched by God. Miracles are witnessed in all aspects such as healing, deliverance, long awaited blessings being granted, salvation, elevation in the workplace etc. People experience the glorious presence of God.

At Bethesda - Where Heaven meets Earth

Prayers are offered for every prayer need that people come with.

Telephone Prayer Tower and Chain Prayer Tower at Bethesda are also vital channels for people to experience God’s miracles.

God has healed, delivered, saved, and granted long-awaited miracles to millions.

Everyone who comes experiences the glorious presence of God in the dome, vision centre, and counseling rooms.

Having withstood the test of time for the past 28 years, Bethesda is undergoing renovation.

This is how God blessed Bro. Winston David from Coimbatore through Bethesda


In the year 2016 my father, Prince Solomon had a brain stroke resulting in right-sided paralysis. His memory was affected and he was unable to even speak. He was in ICU for a month. We as a family requested prayers through Telephone Prayer Tower and God healed him. After coming home, he used a walking stick to walk. We couldn’t afford physiotherapy for him because it was expensive. At this juncture, we came to Bethesda Prayer Centre on 17th September 2017 and made a vow to God regarding his healing. In 2018, we visited Bethesda with him completely healed and walking without anyone’s support. Doctors had told he would not walk but God did a great miracle. We came out of one difficulty but went into financial crisis. We applied for his VRS but there were obstacles in settling his accounts that we could not get his pension benefits. Having waited for nearly four years, we went to Bethesda in 2020 seeking guidance about filing a court case as we were in a state where we couldn't know what to do and whom we should trust. A prayer intercessor prayed for us and assured us that God will do a miracle in one month’s time. He also said that we would have a wedding in our family as God will send an alliance to our house seeking a groom. So we decided to wait for justice from God. We were completely astonished as before the month could end, in the midst of the pandemic situation, many changes happened in father’s office towards receiving his retirement benefits and God met our needs. Just as the prayer intercessor at Bethesda said, an alliance approached us and my wedding took place in February 2021. We have no words to thank God for all that He has done to us especially through Bethesda. We thank God for Bethesda which has been our hope when we needed help.

Kindly support this vision to be fulfilled through your prayers

Here’s an opportunity for you or each member of your family to sponsor one part of any of the following renovation works

  • Ceiling work (for Meditation hall area)

  • Civil works & Painting

  • Arch windows with portraits of Jesus

  • Pathway lights & Audio systems

  • Marble flooring

  • External Dome Renovation

  • Water cascade & fountains

  • Wall cladding

  • Renovation of Statues in each station of the cross

  • Bethesda Pool

  • Rs 3,000 for renovating 1 Sq feet

  • Rs 15,000 for renovating 5 Sq feet

  • Rs 30,000 for renovating 10 Sq feet

  • Rs 3,00,000 for 100 sq feet

For Prayer Help (24x7) - 044 45 999 000

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