Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Called to run the race.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
13 Feb
Jonah was a servant of God and had the call of God in his life. But when God gave him a command to go to Nineveh to preach the gospel, he ran away from His presence. What made him run? In those days, Nineveh was not only the sole enemy of the Israelites but were also oppressors. So, it was seemingly impossible for Jonah to go and stand before them to speak against them. “... Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD...” (Jonah 1:3) Thus, he tried to run away when God called him. But what happened? God pulled him back and put him on the track.
Have you found yourself running away from God and have you been ignoring His call on your life? Are you doubtful if your life is sailing in the direction our Lord wishes to be heading? Don’t worry! The Lord will direct you in the way you should go. You are called to run the race on the right track. Our God has chosen us to be His children. He knows that we will listen to His voice and will follow Him. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27)
My friend, sometimes you too may be fleeing from God like Jonah, fearing your circumstances. No matter how far you run, the eyes of the Lord on you will pull you back. But also remember that when Jonah was pulled back by God, it was a tedious process. He was thrown into the sea. He was swallowed by a huge fish and was in its belly for three days and three nights. He went through pain and suffering. So my friend instead of going through such tough paths, simply surrender yourself to the voice of God and He will direct your path. Choose to be in His presence everyday and He will bless you.
 “Loving Father, through the simplest of things, You teach us how to obey You. Though I have fled away from You till now, this moment I commit to follow You and obey Your voice. Help me Father to accomplish every command of Your’s. Give me the grace to be obedient and have courage to face my trials and be victorious. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

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