Paul Dhinakaran

Anointing Breaks Bondages

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
16 Feb
There is hope in Jesus for complete freedom from addictions.  Today, the Lord will break all the bondages, set you free and make you stand erect. Be of good courage.  God’s strength and power will be seen in your life. He loves you so much.  I would like to share the testimony of Ms. Selvi whose husband was delivered from alcoholism through prayers.

“My husband’s name is Mr. Muthukumar. We reside in Bengaluru. We are blessed with two daughters. My husband is a person of good character but he got addicted to alcohol. In a week, he would drink twice or thrice and that was the reason for him to get into accidents. In one such accident, he had a fracture. Another time, he got injured very badly and was admitted in the ICU. Since he was continuously taking alcohol, he felt that his eyesight was affected. No matter how hard I advised him, he could not come out of the habit of drinking. It happened one day that as I was watching the ‘Jesus Calls’ TV program in the morning, my husband also watched the program along with me. When Dr. Paul was praying in that programme, suddenly without his knowledge, he too knelt down closing his eyes and started to pray. Surprisingly, from that day onwards he was delivered from his drinking habit! By the grace of the Lord, now he is healthy. Praise the Lord!”
What an amazing miracle!  Don’t we read in the Bible, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17). The power of the Holy Spirit struck the person and broke the yoke of addiction.  Do you need deliverance from a long-term addiction or sickness? Are you standing in faith for someone to be delivered? Call on the name of “Jesus.”  He will bring a total transformation into their lives. Today is a day of great deliverance and rejoicing. You will be honoured in all places where you faced shame.All that you had lost, you will regain.
Dear Father,

I believe that the remedy for my deliverance and healing is in You. I repent for not following Your statutes. Let Your mercy fall upon me and restore the joy of salvation. In the name of Jesus’ I curse every sickness and addiction to leave me. Set me free and make me a  channel of blessing to others. Let my life bring glory and honour to you.  

I ask this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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