Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

You are a treasure

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
24 Apr
People bustle around us from morning till we go to bed.  No one has time to say ‘thanks’ to one another.  There is no time to appreciate one another.  Not knowing their own value and of others, people run head on heels.  Surrounded by millions of such ‘busy intellectual bees’, one couldn’t find a single person who would ever lovingly care others.  Parents forget their children or children forget their parents.  The worse are those who are orphaned by their own parents and thrown into trash cans!  Dailies are always filled with real incidents where parents throw away their own babies.
Once there was a husband and wife. They bore a boy child. But in a few months after its birth, the child developed fits. The child could not talk to the parents; could not eat; could not drink or play. The parents of the child gave him the best of medical aid. Days passed by like this and the father of the child became exhausted taking care of the child and grew more frustrated. He looked at his wife and said, “For how long can we suffer with this child? How long can we bear the agony of seeing him suffer like this? So why don’t you take this child and give it away to some place?” The mother could not bear those words and that hurt her deeply. She said, “In that case, I will take this child and leave home.  I will take care of him. We will not trouble you anymore.” Saying this, she took the child away from the father and brought up the child by pouring out all her love and care. Under her love and care the child grew up and became better and better. The fits disappeared from the child’s life permanently.  And that boy grew up in good health and was filled with a heart full of gratitude to God. He began to share with everyone the love of God in his life and how God saved him and gave him good life. The boy grew up to be a great prophet and a powerful servant of God. He is none other than the prophet Benson Idahosa. He is a channel of blessing to many people.

What a beautiful God we serve! Dearly beloved, do you feel forsaken? Have you never enjoyed a caring hand around you? Are you longing for someone to love you? Do not be discouraged.  How true it is when the Psalmist said: “For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in” (Psalm 27:10).  God did not create anyone to be discarded as a trash but to be treated as a prized possession.  Say to yourself these words with faith: “I am the apple of God’s eye.  I am a treasured possession of the Creator.  I am not forgotten.”  Even if all the friends, family and relatives forsake you, there is a good Father God for you, who is ever present beside you watching all that you are undergoing.  All your pain will turn into gain!
Dear Lord, I believe that I am not an accident on this earth but have been formed in my mother’s womb by Your loving and caring hands with a specific purpose to be fulfilled. Though people have discarded me as a trash, I choose not to believe in that lie.  I believe that I am your child.  I have a river of abundant love flowing towards me incessantly from Your throne of grace.  I am not an orphan. I have a great heavenly Father who supplies all my needs.  I am under your constant care. I believe that I am not forgotten.  Thank You for Your love.  I submit all of my physical, emotional and mental needs before You.  Fill my cup.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

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