Dear friends,

Our Lord is our everything. God says in John 15:5; “without me, you can’t do nothing”. A living union with Christ is absolutely necessary for us. Without Christ we are nothing. Walking with Christ is very important in our lives. Our youngest daughter sweety, used to sing this song very often, Christ is my hero and without Him, I am a zero. Yes! My dear friends, it’s true. Cling to God and when we have a closer walk with God, He will renew in us a right spirit and then the Lord will perfect everything concerning us. 
In Acts 17:28, the Bible says “In Him, we live and move and have our being”. For God says as I live you will live also. When this joy comes and fills our heart; we will watch things turning around in His fullness we will receive one blessing after the other. Dear friends, when blessing starts to flow in our lives nobody can stop it. Only at those times, we will experience the greatness of God’s joy. Even today expect mighty things to happen in your life. Ask God, you will receive the complete joy. God will turn every one of your sorrow into joy and He will make you into an eternal excellence.  
I wish you a very Happy Women’s Day.