Family life involves providing loving care and companionship to one another and walking in sweet unity. 

A certain young woman got married and her husband was a very nice person. Life was peaceful for her after marriage. One day, she received news that her parents-in-law were coming to live with them permanently. When her friends heard of this, they exclaimed saying, “Oh! Your mother-in-law is a short-tempered woman. How are you going to live with her peacefully?” To this, she calmly replied, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). Her in-laws finally arrived. 

A few months passed by. One day, for a trivial matter, her mother-in-law began to shout and abuse her with hurtful words. She quietly slipped into the next room with praises on her lips and closed the door. She looked up to God in prayer and worshipped Him aloud. During that time, the mother-in-law’s dominating voice became softened. When calm prevailed, she emerged from her room as if nothing had occurred and began to converse with her mother-in-law lovingly. In course of time, the hard heart of the elderly lady was transformed. That house was then blessed with the peace of God.

Place your trust in Christ and seek His face and walk in His ways with fear. Then the peace of God will be bestowed on your life every day (Psalm 29:11). The Lord will fill your life with His awesome presence. He Himself will perfect everything concerning you (Psalms 138:8).