As we celebrate Women's Day, let's take a look at four steps on how to be a successful woman in personal and professional life and to understand the special role that God has for all women - and incredible value He places on His daughters.

1. Fearing God (Proverbs 31:10-31)
When you truly fear the Lord, you will recognize that He is the Creator and that attitude will manifest itself in you having respect for Him, His word and desire to do what He tells you. This reverence for Him will make you to put God first in everything and you will not be anxious about tomorrow. You will be strong, filled with His wisdom and live not for yourself alone but for your family, needy and society. 

 2. Showing true beauty (1 Timothy 2:9-10)
Jesus had no beauty or majesty when he came into this world. He became the embodiment of God’s love and sacrificed himself for you so that you will be beautified with His love. Being faithful and trusting in the Lord is the first step towards obtaining inner beauty. As we seek to please God and obey His Word, our conduct, speech and dress will reflect the condition of our inner heart attitude. True beauty is Jesus and letting that love flow through us to others is the beauty that is pleasing to God.

3. Tuning ears to wisdom (Proverbs 2:2)
Spending time in God’s word will give you godly wisdom, which will enable you to take the right decision concerning your family, children, future and career. You will be directed by the Lord and success and victory will be yours. He will also give you wisdom to a blessing for your community and for the nations.

4. Doing good deeds (Galatians 6:9, 10)
We are created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before head that we should walk in them. Every morning ask God for His guidance and for discernment through the Holy Spirit so that you will be guided in the truth and His perfect will be done through you for His glory. Your generosity will not only nurture the bodies and spirits of those in need but warm the heart of God which will lead to peace and abundance of prosperity in all the areas of your life.