Abigail was the wife of a foolish man named Nabal. He had a bad temper and was rude to people. But Abigail was wise and gentle. She was sharp in her thinking and she handled the affairs of her home with wisdom and care. It was this wisdom that saved her husband and her entire household from death.

When David and his men found Nabal’s shepherds, they took them in and took care of them. Then when they were on their way to the town of Carmel, they sent a messenger to inform Nabal that he, his men and Nabal’s shepherds who had not been harmed, were all coming to see and dine with him. But Nabal being the short-tempered and foolish man replied rudely and insulted David. David was infuriated by this and decided that he and his men would finish off Nabal. So they buckled their swords and set off on their way. 

Abigail was told of this matter by one of her servants. When she heard that Nabal had insulted David after he had been kind to the shepherds; she quickly gathered two hundred loaves of bread, two leather bags full of wine, five roasted sheep, two bushels of roasted grain, a hundred bunches of raisins, and two hundred cakes of dried figs, and loaded them on donkeys. She did not tell anything to Nabal. Then, she got on a donkey and left to meet David. When she met David in the hillside, she threw herself before him, begged him for forgiveness on behalf of her foolish husband and offered the food she had brought to David and his men. David accepted her offer and praised her for her wisdom. He promised not to kill anyone and he and his men left on their own way. Abigail returned home having saved her husband and his men from peril and destruction with her wisdom and gentleness.

Dear sister, today are you using your wisdom to build your house or destroy it? Ask the Lord to fill you with His divine wisdom to take care of your household, your children, your in-laws and everyone around you. He will surely fill you with wisdom beyond measure. 

“The wise woman builds her house” Proverbs 14:1