30 Dec

How Much Do You Trust God?

Cling onto the Lord and keep trusting Him. His unfailing love and mercy will surround you and will lift you up in life.
29 Dec

The God Who Walks With You

God wants to be the center of your life. So, abide in Him and He will be your God and you will be His child. He will lead you beautifully in all your ways.
28 Dec

The Secure Gate of Salvation

Have great confidence in Jesus who is the only secure gate to your salvation. His Holy Spirit will lead you through the gate and will help you experience true happiness every day.
27 Dec

Are You in Fear

The Lord who has called you wants you to be bold in Him. So do not fear! The Lord will protect you and enable you to shine for His glory.
26 Dec

Wonderful Gifts found in Our Saviour

Jesus has amazing gifts to give you. So, open your heart to Him and you will come alive spiritually through His uplifting gifts.
25 Dec

Immanuel, the Greatest Hope of Christmas

Every blessing and life contained in God will be born in you through Jesus. So, God wants you to conceive with Jesus through total surrender to Him.
24 Dec

The Long Awaited Saviour Has Come

Jesus, the promised messiah came down as your Saviour, to deliver you from every darkness and lack. He will fill your life with His perfect joy.
23 Dec

You are the King’s Royal Priesthood

Jesus came into this world as the King to make us a royal priesthood for Himself. So, get ready to be used by God to proclaim His praises to others.
22 Dec

The Humble will be Rewarded

Your reward will be mighty and great when you humble yourself before God and man. Whatever has been denied will come to you in a greater measure.
21 Dec

Spread the Fragrance of Christ’s Love

You are called to spread the aroma of Christ by showing Christ to others through love and compassion. The people around you will enjoy your fragrance and glorify God.