09 Jan

You are the Light of the World

Be wise to be a blessing to others. Your light will shine as bright as the stars in heaven bringing life in abundance into people’s lives and glory to God.
08 Jan

God Will Fulfill Your Desires

Pray for a fearful heart towards God. As you surrender your desires into God’s hands, He will be pleased to fulfill your desires more than you could ask or imagine.
07 Jan

Mother’s Tender Care

Just as a mother takes care of her child’s needs, so will the Lord take care of yours. No harm or danger can come near you. The Lord is by your side!
06 Jan

God is Your Refuge

God is your only refuge in your troubled times. So, look up to Him and you will be strengthened. You will see the deliverance of the Lord and be blessed.
05 Jan

God will go with you!

You need not carry your burdens. Instead, cast all your cares unto Jesus and you will find rest. He will go before you and you will succeed in all that you do with ease.
04 Jan

The Heavenly Joy that Uplifts You

The overflowing joy of the Lord has elevated you from within. As the Lord takes over your life, you will become stronger. Nothing will be able to pull you down.
03 Jan

Rest on Every Side

God wants you to have peace on all sides of your life. When you soak in His presence, He will put an end to every conflict and you will find rest.
02 Jan

Be Blessed Forever in Christ Jesus

The Lord Jesus, through His sacrifice on the cross, has granted you access to His divine blessings that are there forever. So, enjoy Jesus and His presence every day!
01 Jan

Year Of Beautification

God has beautiful blessings in store for you, this year. Just adorn yourself with Him and He will set His crown of beauty on you. Instead of ashes, you will have honour.
31 Dec

PRAISE Without Ceasing

God has given you a praising heart. So, praise Him for all that He has done in your life. Your heart will be protected by the joy of heaven and you will become a blessing.