19 Jan

God’s Protection Will Surround You

You are completely covered by God’s feathers. Nothing will be able to touch you or destroy you. God’s glory will surround you and liberate you.
18 Jan

Victorious in Jesus’ Name

Before the name of Jesus, every knee in heaven, on earth and below the earth shall bow down. The Lord will perform mighty miracles when you ask in this powerful name.
17 Jan

Arise And Shine

The Lord make you into a sharpened weapon and use you mightily for His glory. Your words will come forth authoritatively. The enemy will flee from your life.
16 Jan

Be Secure in God’s Peace

Peace and security are found only in Jesus, the Prince of Peace. So, allow Jesus to completely take over your life. He will calm the raging storms and make you dwell securely.
15 Jan

You will see Wondrous Miracles

The Lord has been listening to your prayers. He has seen your tears. All you have to do is just believe and receive the miracle that God has been waiting to give you.
14 Jan

Believe and Receive from God

Ask whatever you need, in prayer. Your Heavenly Father has all the good gifts to provide for your life. So, believe and seek Him diligently. You will be blessed on all sides.
13 Jan

Do Good Works!

You are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. His grace will help you to get established in every good work and make you a vessel of honour.
12 Jan

Blessings for Obedience

The Lord will bless you and set you on high. You just have to blindly trust Him and obey all His commands. His blessings will flow like a river into your generations as well.
11 Jan

Make God your delight and desire

Take delight in the Lord. Enjoy going to Him. Don't thing let anything restrict to you. Go and ask Him forgiveness and the Lord is waiting to take you in.
10 Jan

He will Behold Your Beauty

Pray to have the beauty of the Lord in you. The Lord will keep on filling you with His presence and He will make you like a crown of beauty and a royal diadem.