29 Sep

Blessings of the Beloved

God blessed Abraham and all that he had. Likewise, He will bless you also!
28 Sep

The Lord is watching your Tears!

Jesus Christ will certainly wipe away your tears.
27 Sep

I Am that I Am!

You may be going through troubled waters today but the resurrected Jesus can stop it by His powerful word.
26 Sep

God who Leads!

Do not be afraid, I am (God) your shield and your very great reward.
25 Sep

Perfect Peace

Whatever may be your circumstances and problems, God wants to fill your heart with perfect peace.
24 Sep

He will do it!!

The Lord will fulfil His promises in your life and will lead you towards his plans for your future.
23 Sep

Receive the Holy Spirit

God fills you with His Holy Spirit; you will be His witnesses.
22 Sep

You will not be Forsaken!

The Lord does not forsake those who love justice and righteousness.
21 Sep

Be An Imitator of God!

Let us walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.
20 Sep

He comforts us a Mother!

My dear brothers and Sisters, GOD is always moved with compassion for you. So don’t be worried.