Stella dhinakaran


Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
13 Apr
To our God of gods, righteousness is the breastplate and truth is the girdle. He leads us in the paths of righteousness (Psalm 23:3). When the lowly and oppressed people on this earth, look to Him and trust Him, He is more than sufficient to render justice to them. God is a just Judge (Psalm 7:11). With His righteous right hand, He will save us from the harm of wicked people and would protect us from all oppositions. Bible says, “Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!” (Revelation 15:3). Therefore, let us not fear any man saying that he has money power, muscle power, or greater status in the society. Our God is more powerful than all the powers in this earth. Let us believe that He will do for us things that are true and just (Psalm 35:24). Let us look up to Him and place all our burdens before Him.
Once there was a poor widow. She had a small piece of land. This land was the only source of income for her to carry on with her life. There was also a very rich man in that village. This rich man wanted to grab this land from the widow. So, he hatched plans to grab it as she had no one to help her. This poor woman did not know what to do. No one came forward to defend her case because they feared that the rich man would take them to task for helping her. As the situation became desperate, there was no one to help her. This widow poured out her heart to God. With tears welling in her eyes, she prayed faithfully. Now, another poor man came forward and with the help of some other good people in that village, made it possible for this widow to regain her land. Yes! When we depend on God, He will lead us in just and true paths and would send someone to help us in our times of troubles and sufferings.
Dearly beloved! You too may face these types of situations when you have to fear and struggle for justice. The Lord says to you “Do not be afraid of anyone, for judgment belongs to God.”(Deuteronomy 1:17). The Lord, who saved this widow in a miraculous way, will also save you from all evils and dangers. He is sure to lead you in just and true paths. Therefore, do not worry thinking, “Who is there to help me?  Will I lose everything?  What will happen to me?” Instead, depend totally on God and He will help you (Isaiah 41:10).
Loving Lord! You are more than sufficient for me in my life. I do not fear about evil men and their wicked thoughts. I too want to follow Your just and true ways. I depend on You completely for all things. From today onwards, lead me in just and true ways, save me and bless me. In the blessed name of our Lord Jesus I pray, AMEN.

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