Stella dhinakaran

Salvation Is The Power of God

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
10 Dec
The Bible tells us that the righteous shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). Faith knows that a saving God is always near to those who fear Him and worship him with holy awe. We do not have to go through any complex round of personal mortifications or spiritual preparations instead we go to our Lord Jesus Christ, and He will receive us into His loving embrace. If we are under chastisement, He encourages us richly to repentance and renewed holiness as He is always close to us.
The power of God which is vital for us is received through salvation and this, in turn, is obtained through the gospel of Christ. Zacchaeus who was called a terrible sinner had the privilege to enjoy this kind of joyful life as a family. Likewise, the merciless Saul also became Paul, the servant of the Lord, when he received this divine power. Have you acquired this kind of divine experience in your life today?

There was a family which had not acquired this glorious power in their lives and were giving much trouble to people who were living around them. At this point, one of their relatives happened to stay in their house. However, he had received this awesome power through salvation from the gospel, and he mingled gently and prayerfully with this family. He enabled every member of the family to receive the fragrance of the gospel in their lives. Moreover, he also revealed to those who were in the neighbourhood, the greatness of the life filled by this divine power. Over time, the Lord used him mightily to help people in that household and in that area to know the Lord and glorify the name of the Lord. The people in that area, especially the members of this family who lived in darkness without having the zeal for the gospel, received the power of the salvation of the Lord. The Lord strengthened them to be joyful in Him.

When you live your life with complete surrender to the Lord, He will grant you the joy of salvation. Then you will lead a life with reverence to the Lord and do things that are acceptable in His sight. Also, you will draw many people close to the love of God. Just like the person mentioned in the above incident, who was able to transform the family and help them receive the joy of salvation; God will use you to transform many families. So, pray daily and thank the Lord for the gift of salvation.
 O Mighty Lord! Your salvation is glorious and awesome indeed. Grant me the grace to inherit it in my life and to strengthen others too. May I lead a watchful life so that I do not fall prey to the devil’s trap. I thank you, Lord, for the gift of salvation.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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