Paul Dhinakaran

Renewed strength!

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
24 May
God honors us when we honor the revelation which He gives to our mothers or fathers who pray for us and always keep us away from sorrow, because they go through much sorrow and travailing to bring that revelation and birth us into salvation or in ministry or into the blessing which God has for us. We may be impatient to receive answers from the Lord regarding life situations such as choosing a career or a partner. But our parents sacrifice a lot of things and wait upon the Lord for His will to be perfected in our Lives. The Bible promises, “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31). This is why parents are a great blessing to children.
Today is a very special day for my dear mother Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran as she celebrates her birthday. She is crossing 81, and going strong. Every week she is in a different city preaching the gospel, getting people comforted and transformed. Wow what a life! And she has raised hundreds of prayer intercessors, and God has given her the grace to build the word of God into them. Everyone whom she has raised is anointed with the word of God and when they pray the power of God just flows through them at the Esther Prayer Groups. The first one who she raised is me! She disciplined me, prayed for me, cried for me until she saw me transformed. And every time, I would stand before the masses of people, she would be praying behind me, for God’s presence to lead me. What a wonderful mother! She is a great influence in the lives of numerous souls.
You have to honor God for your mothers and for people who pray for you, and honor your parents. As you are obedient to their guidance, God will honor you. Many times we only think about the problems that we face and make it big, or many times we say I have this responsibility for my family and so I have to get it done, and we pack our lives with sorrow, pain and suffering, but God has given us loving parents, mentors, pastors and spiritual friends to encourage us and comfort us with the word of God. When we go through sorrow, the Lord says “I will turn your sorrow into joy” (John16:20). Just like my mother, take a firm decision that you will not lament to the Lord and that you will not disappoint Him. Even when sorrow engulfs you, you must have your trust only on Him. If you are sorrowful, get into the joy of the Lord, right now. Our Lord Jesus Christ has already paid the price on the cross, and destroyed the power of sorrow, pain, loss and sin. According Nehemiah 8: 10, may the joy of the Lord be your strength!
Loving gracious heavenly Father, we thank you for this wonderful day. Lord may your will be perfected in our lives. Help us to wait patiently at your feet where we receive all good things. Bless our parents and strengthen them. Thank you Lord for the wonderful things that you have brought in our lives through our parents. Bless those who remember us in prayers. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

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