Stella dhinakaran

Prized possession

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
04 Sep
Are you waiting for a blessing? Is anything troubling you? Have you lost hope? Are you unable to bear the shame?  My dear child of God, turn your eyes to Jesus today. Hagar, in a desert cried out for just few glasses of water to quench the thirst of her child but God opened her eyes to a fountain, an abundant supply of water! The same God would bless you richly.  Do not lose hope.
At the beginning of my marital life, I faced with lot of challenges in giving birth to a child. I lost my very first child on the third month of conception.  The next was a still- born baby. This was the juncture where both my husband and I continued to trust the Lord for a child.  As a result was born my son Paul Dhinakaran as a gift from God on 4 September 1962 and today he is entering yet another new year in his life.  While he was 6 years old, God spoke to him through his father through the gift of prophecy saying, “My son, I have kept two ways before you.  One is the way of a fish, which swims against the current of waters and the other is that of a crab which moves in a crooked style. Which one will you choose?”  He grew up to be a young boy but followed a crab’s way for some time.  He drifted away from God but God heard the tearful prayers of us and turned him to His divine way.  Today, when I see Him shining for God’s kingdom and His glory, I rejoice in my heart with thanksgiving to the Lord!  God’s promise which says, “You will be for Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exodus 19:6) has been fulfilled in our family. Through his messages and prophetic anointing, millions are touched through the public meetings, television programmes and various other multi-faceted ministries.  
Today, as my son celebrates his birthday, I pray for God to bless you also with such a blessed life.  May the childless couples be blessed with children as gift from God. Do not lose hope.  God who heard the tears of Hannah in the Bible would surely bless you with a mighty generation who would stand for the Lord! You will see your children / your children’s children shining like stars for the glory of God.  If you have a wayward child, or a child with some sort of deformity, I assure you that God will wipe away your tears and answer your prayers. Be encouraged.
Loving Lord, I know You have seen all my tears and shame.  You will make everything beautiful in Your time.  I am a new creation in Christ with no lacks.  Standing on Your blood and the blessings that flow from the cross, I claim my blessings and in particular, the blessing of child from Your hands.  Bless my family members.  Bring every person into the knowledge of Christ.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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