Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Living Waters

Samuel Dhinakaran
21 Mar
Jesus asks you to choose the good portion of resting at His feet and listening to His voice.  God is pleased with you when you get closer with Him in love.  As you constantly listen Him, rivers of living water will flow from within you (John 7:38).  New life would spring out from within you as you yearn for His sweet and comforting presence.  All your pain, worries and sorrow would vanish from your life.  Very truly, the living waters from God will flow into you, from within you and make you live a vibrant life.  Beloved, choose a good portion of listening from God.

Whenever we all cousins gather together, we rejoice speaking about variety of topics.  I have many cousin sisters.  Firstly, it would begin with my sister and would step into Africa from India and then to America.  Yes, our chat would go round the world.  Many times, their topics would revolve around ‘make-up’.  I used to enquire them as to why they give too much importance for their make-up, because lot of time would be spent on that topic.  After a while, they will start another topic.  They will discuss about whether anti-ageing cream really works or not.  Oh! I used to ask them, “Why are you wasting your time over all these matters?”
It is true that everyone loves to look young.  God too loves to keep you young and strong throughout.  The youthfulness that He bestows you will stay forever with you. The Bible says in Psalm 103: 5 “who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”  Yes, you will always look young as you drink the living waters from His throne.  As this living water fills you and springs out from within you, a surpassing peace and marvellous joy would reign over you.  When you stumble upon taking decisions regarding your family matters, this living water would bubble from within you and blessyou with divine wisdom and understanding.  You will be refreshed in your spirit, soul and body.  All of a sudden ‘life’ bursts out.  These living waters are none other than the Holy Spirit operating inside you.  The streams of waters of the Holy Spirit would flash across every area of your life and cause you to be prosperous.  Yes, God will beautify you and crown you with His goodness.  Would you choose to incline your ears to His counsel and wisdom?
Dear Lord,

I am tired of running here and there seeking counsel to make good decision.  I need You.  Help me to make wise decisions concerning everything.  I regret for all the wrong turns that I took.  Rescue from all the deceptions of the devil through wicked people and those who ‘appear good’. Silence my spirit before Your presence.  Help me to be quiet and stay still at Your feet.  Open my ears to listen to Your loving voice. Let the rivers of water gush out from within me.  Enrich my spiritual eyes and ears.  Help me to seek You with all my heart, soul and mind.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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