Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

God Strongly Supports a Fully Committed Heart

Samuel Dhinakaran
23 Nov
My dear friend, The Lord sees you! Do not say “I am unnoticed by everybody.” The Lord sees you and will reward your faithfulness and your heart towards Him. This is what He promises you today through II Chronicles 16:9 which says, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those who cling on to Him; to those who commit their hearts to Him” Yes, the eyes of the Lord are searching and looking to strengthen such hearts and prosper them. 

After several years of visiting and ministering in a small Church in a village, the Pastor of that Church once told me that he is so grateful and thankful that God had brought me to his Church to minister. He also said that before this, he used to be so depressed and discouraged that his ministry was not producing results. He also mentioned how the Lord greatly strengthened him at the right time through His Word of revival, spoken with power through me over the Church. He also testified saying that whatever the Lord spoke through me had come to pass in his ministry and the Lord has expanded his Church to be established in nearby areas as well. He was also grateful for my father’s financial assistance in helping him to build new churches. He acknowledged that this great support of ours has come from the Lord. When I heard his testimony, I thanked the Lord immediately for how He cares for His people and at the right time, He is there to strengthen their hearts.
Today, you might also say it is hard to believe that anything good will happen in your life. Are you saying, “I have only struggled and struggled all my life in vain?” Are you feeling as though there is no increase in your life? Take heart, my friend! God is strengthening your heart right now. He is providing you with the necessary resources; a miraculous support through someone. He is Strengthening you, my friend. The Lord’s eyes have searched all over and have found you to bless you. So, just thank the Lord for this precious blessing.
Dear Lord, I thank You for Your beautiful promise. Thank You for looking out for me. My heart has always belonged to You, Lord. I thank You that Your eyes have found me. You will strengthen me from within and provide me with the support that I need. You will bless me in abundance and my cup will overflow. Let Your strength be found in my soul and make my life fruitful for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. 

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