Paul Dhinakaran

God Restores All Who Seek Him First

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
21 Nov
My precious friend, today’s promise is taken from Psalm 70:4 where the Psalmist says: “But may all who seek You….who love Your salvation always say, Let God be exalted!” What a beautiful promise of declaration! Whoever seeks the Lord, let them rejoice. Whoever loves the salvation given by the Lord, let them say “Let God be exalted!” Yes, my friend, Jesus said, “seek and you will find” and Jesus came to seek and save the lost. 

Many times, we lose things. We lose our peace. We lose our standing with God. We lose our standing in society. But the Lord says, “Seek and you will find it again.” What you have lost, you will get it back. But, what do you have to seek? Jesus says, in Matthew 6:33, “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” When David and his men lost everything in Ziklag as mentioned in I Samuel 30, his wives, children and possessions were all looted by thieves and another tribe. David’s own men were angry with him for taking them away to war and they wanted to stone him. At that moment, the Bible says, “David comforted himself in the Lord”. Yes, David sought the kingdom of God and asked the Lord what should I do. God did not allow David to plan strategies with his men because they were wanting only to stone him and kill him. David had nobody at this trying time. He was all alone. Yes, that’s what happens when we lose things and when we lose our status in life. We are all alone and God allows us to be all alone
But, as David did, my friend if you are in such a situation, comfort yourself in the Lord Jesus. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He says, “I am the way” even in those hopeless moments. The Lord spoke to David, “Go after them (that you have lost) and I will give them to you”. So, David went. God opened the hearts of his own men too and they also went along with David. As we read in I Samuel 30:19, “David recovered all”. Yes, all who seek the Lord shall find because Jesus is the way and restores every blessing lost. He adds His salvation for us to exalt Him. Yes, He becomes our salvation and we trust only Him. He is glorified through us in all these circumstances. He will be so in your life too. The Lord will be with you to add blessings to your life. Let not your heart be troubled!
Loving Lord, thank You for speaking to me through Your Word. Lord, I lay my circumstances at Your feet. I seek You with all my heart. Forgive me and make me Your own. Comfort me with Your presence and show me a way out of my problems. Clothe me with the joy of Your salvation and let Your name alone be glorified in and through me. Thank You, Lord, for being with me always. Help me to always seek You and be restored in life with Your blessings. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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