Stella dhinakaran

God’s power in distress

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
27 Aug
The circumstances around you sometimes make you frozen.  You may say, “Why such things happened in my life when I just obeyed God’s voice?”  What you see today as hindrance, are going to pave a glorious way for God’s majestic power to enter into your life. Was it not God who had planned to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. Why had they to face the Red Sea in front of them? Yes, it revealed God’s greater glory and power and that He is God!
There was a small church where the people gathered and worshipped the Lord. They all came together and saved money little by little, to rebuild their thatched shed and convert it into a concrete building. Finally they completed the construction and fixed a day for the dedication of the new building. Some anti-social elements unnecessarily rebelled against them and challenged them saying, “On the day of dedication, we will come and demolish it and raze it to the ground.” The church-members were in distress. They formed many chain-prayer groups and entreated the Lord continuously. The Lord stood by their side. The leader of the anti-social group had a daughter. Suddenly, she fell sick and was on her death- bed. The pain caused by his daughter’s sickness made the gang leader completely forget about the church demolition plan. The pastor of the church along with a few of his church members went to the hospital and prayed fervently for the recovery of the little girl.  God touched the girl to wholesome health, when at the same time the doctors told her father “You need not worry. There is nothing to fear.”  He immediately went to the pastor, held fast to his feet and asked for forgiveness. From that day onwards, the threat to that church was gone. The dedication service of the church went in a grand manner and with great joy.
You too just trust Him who called you! Lean on the promise: I will take you as My people, and I will be your God” (Exodus 6:7).  If God is on your side, who can stand against you? (Rom.8:31 ) Beloved, you will see greater miracles.  Light will pierce through your darkness.  Do not give up!
God of all comforts, I come before You with my agony.  I know Your love endures forever and You never change.  Your promises are yes and amen in them! Today, give me the grace to seek You with faith in this crucial situation.  Help me not to shift my focus from You towards the problem.  I plead You to intervene in this situation and deliver me in a glorious way.  Let the people know that You are God of all earth and heavens! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.  

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