Stella dhinakaran

Everlasting covenant

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
10 Sep
This is a beautiful promise! All the members of the family should read this promise verse daily and ask God to bless them and lead them as He led Cornelius of the Bible (Acts 10:2). Through this prayer, God will save you and protect you even if people rise against you vigorously to defeat you and to harm you. Couples who are childless, women who have lost all hopes of conceiving, women who conceive but face problems during their pregnancy and those who have lost hope in life are sure to be blessed if they look up to God like Abraham with an indomitable faith in God. It is the everlasting covenant of God to bless you (Gen.17:7). If you continue to hold fast to today’s promise “May the Lord give you increase more and more, you and your children ” (Psalm 115:14)  and pray to Him at all times, God will surely strengthen you in faith and remember you at times of trouble and bless you abundantly (Romans 4:20-22).
There was a young couple, who remained childless for many years. The parents of the boy started speaking, “She is barren! It is better we arrange another marriage for our son.” Hearing this, the young girl begged her husband to show mercy to her for some more time. As she was reading the Bible very faithfully, her eyes fell on this promise verse found in Psalm115:14. A new faith filled her heart and she began to trust God with all her heart. She fasted and prayed whenever she got an opportunity. Soon, God blessed her womb and she conceived. All were pleasantly surprised. The God who fulfills His promises enabled her to lead a happy and blessed life and she was filled with joy and peace.
Dearly beloved, today, you and your family may face troubles due to lack of worldly blessings but you need not lose heart. As God had compassion and blessed the woman in the above incident, He will also make you increase in your family life. You will not be put to shame (Isa.61:7). It is faith that gives us victory in this world (1 John 5:4). Accordingly, have complete faith and confidence in God and bring before Him all your needs and those of your family. According to Psalm 55:22, He would surely sustain you and increase you in life.
Precious Redeemer, I suffer a lot because I lack so much in this world. From the promise verse of the day, now I know that You can take away all my insufficiency and bless me abundantly. Today, please bless me and make me prosper in my life. I thank You for doing so. In the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray, AMEN.

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