Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Enjoy The Greatest Plenty

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
18 Jan
Gravity is a natural phenomenon defined as force acting on all objects to pull them down back to earth. Then, how does a spacecraft reach its destination? A spacecraft cannot go against the gravitational force on its own to reach space. So, a small amount of thrust is needed to push the spacecraft forward till it reaches an altitude which is beyond the force of gravitation. Likewise, in our life too, God will elevate us to greater height. You will get the promotion that you have been waiting for, you will score the highest mark in you academics, your business will burgeon; you will receive blessing in abundance.

Bro. Ravi Selvakumar was working as the sub-editor. Prior to that he was working as a warden in an orphanage. He was suggested by a superintendent to meet a particular person and following the meeting, he was immediately selected as the sub-editor. In this profession, he had to undergo lot of worries, for he struggled to prepare the reports and submit it on time. Also, he had to spread information about Jesus through these reports. He did his job faithfully and trusted the Lord. In addition, he prayed fervently for his son to score good marks in his examinations. As a family, they attended the Students’ Prayer Meet and there the mother made a vow before the Lord, that if her son scored good marks, she would testify it to others by stepping forward on the stage during the meeting. God answered their prayers and blessed their son with excellent marks. Today, the family rejoices over the success God has given them.

When the devil troubles you and when darkness surrounds you, aren’t you in a situation where everything appears bleak? It causes your heart to bleed and you are unable to pray. It is in such situations of crisis that the Heavenly Father has given you His Holy Spirit to help you. The Holy Spirit is like a rocket abiding in you. He will give you words to pray. He will cause you to express yourself according to the Father’s will. He will fill you with strength from above and give you the power to overcome the devil’s attack. This aids you to overcome the powers of darkness and subdue them. Thereby, you will rise higher and higher. So do not be troubled my friend. The Spirit of God will intercede for you. Receive the Holy Spirit in your life today and He will lift you up.
Loving Father, I thank You for Your wonderful Holy Spirit. When I am in trouble and do not know how to pray, I know that the Holy Spirit in me will pray according to God’s will. I allow the Holy Spirit to pray through me. Help me, Lord in all my undertakings and grant me success, according to Your promise.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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