Abiding in Christ

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
15 Jun
Many people blame others or the circumstances for their failures in life.  Some blame their friends for misguiding them  into wrong paths.  Some blame their family who had forsaken them. For some, their poverty is the reason for their stagnation.  But, few are those who identify that Jesus is the only need for their life!  Holding on to Him supplies every other need.  Do not blame anything for not succeeding in life.  The moment you acknowledge that only Jesus can give you success, He will gladly enter into your life with multitude of help to lift you up.  Above all, develop good character which is the foundation to build a castle. 

In the Bible, we see such a young man called Joseph who fled from sinful life to live a godly life.  He was sold by his brother to slave traders who took him to Egypt. Even when he was a slave, Joseph sought the Lord with all his heart. He loved God. And therefore, God was with Him and blessed all the work of His hands (Genesis 39:3-4).  Potiphar, the Egyptian official who saw the blessing on Joseph, made him the supervisor of his house. He entrusted all that he had to Joseph and because of that God blessed the Egyptian and his household. God abided with Joseph and blessed him in all aspects of his life.
Beloved, this is how God blesses those who seek God at all times. Joseph was honest in all things.  Even when none was with him to advice or care for him, He committed himself to be faithful to God. He never opened his mouth to blame his family or circumstances for being a slave.  He was sure that God was with him at all times and that He is the One who lifts a person as per His divine plan. He was sure that God will never forsake him.  If you too seek Him and abide by His words, You will be honoured among many.  You will be crowned in the due time.  Today’s promise too assures,“The Lord be with you, and may you have success” (1 Chronicles 22:11).   How true is this word! Success is nothing but God with you and you abiding in Him! 
Dear Father,

I surrender all of myself into Your hands.  I am sorry for the days I blamed others and my circumstances for not being successful.  I will believe in You at all times and lead a godly life.  Give me strength to abide in Your words for the glory of Your name.  Help me to shun sinful paths.  Make me a successor  for Your Name sake.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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