Prayer, love and compassion are key components in the Jesus Calls ministry. All the endeavors of Jesus Calls portray these major dynamics. The uniqueness of this Global Ministry is that Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his entire family minister together to various people groups without regard to nationality, ethnicity or socio-economic status.  As a result, Jesus Calls necessitates a multi-faceted approach to ministry that extends to men, women, young people, children, the poor and needy, as well as all the partners and donors of the ministry.

Mass evangelistic events are held in the form of Prayer Festivals to pray for the needs of the people as God wipes away their tears and turns it into joy with his loving and healing presence.

Prayer Towers

Prayer Towers are a place of refuge to many around the world as the Jesus Calls intercessors cry out to God for the blessings and miracles on behalf of those who walk in, call or write to the ministry.

Esther Prayer Group

     The Esther Prayer Group women's ministry is a global army of faith-filled women carrying the torch of prayer for their families, their society and for the nations of the world.


     SEESHA is an organization established by Dr. Paul with a social concern to help the poor and needy. It offers various programs through which God’s divine blessings lift up the needy, empowering them to stand strong with a renewed hope for their future.  

UTurn Youth Ministry

The youth ministry UTurn led by Samuel, Sharon and Stella captures the tremendous passion of our Christian faith in India and abroad.