Firstly, Isaac sowed seeds as what God taught to him; that’s why he got hundredfold blessings in the midst of the dearth. Similarly, God will give innovative ideas to you for your business.

Lee Buk was an intelligent person who worked in an insurance company; his co-workers said that the president of that company will give promotion for his hard work. He expected to attain the post of vice president of the marketing department. One day, the president called him. He prayed to God and went to meet him. The President said that he will promote him as the vice president of the direct sales department. Direct sales department was the worst department in that company but he accepted the offer prayerfully. Then he began to work hard; brought many innovative ideas to prosper the direct sales department. As a result of his hard work, within a year the company gained multiple profits through this department. At the end of the year, the president of that company honored him for his hard work; his name became popular. Many companies invited him to join their company and to renovate their companies. He began to write books and became a rich man within a year. Now he is called as guru of insurance business.

Just one small prayer of Lee Buk before he went to meet the president of his company changed his life completely. Secondly, God blessed the servants of Isaac. Similarly, God will bless those who work in your business and prosper their life. God’s grace will raise you up in their midst and they’ll witness that your works are prospered by God.

60 years ago there was a young man called Frederick who failed to get a degree because he failed in his term paper. But he didn’t lose hope and decided to implement his project. His project was about the courier business through airplane. He went to the bank to ask for a loan to implement his project but the bank refused to give him a loan. Nevertheless he stood firmly on his project to buy an airplane and to appoint a pilot. He didn’t have money to buy petrol for the plane but the servants who worked under him gave their own money to buy petrol. God saw their
faithfulness and blessed that business. Now that business has spread all over the world as Federal Express Business. Like so, God will give you faithful workers for your business.

Thirdly, God will curse the devourer for your sake. Today, many wicked people, jealous about the victory of others do witchcraft against them but God will save you from the eyes of such people and deliver you from the witchcraft powers. Balaam came to curse the people of Israel but God opened his eyes. He gave the Holy Spirit and made him to see the spiritual things. God made him to speak blessed words for the people of Israel instead of cursed words. God will transform the wicked people who are against you to be favorable. He will break every bondage which is against your business.

The benefits of Business Blessing Plan are:

-> Prayers by the prayer intercessors at the Prayer Towers and 24-hour chain prayer.
-> Special prayers at the Business Blessing Meeting conducted once in a month at all the Jesus Calls Prayer Towers in India for the blessing of business owners, entrepreneurs, traders, and industrialists.
-> Prayers of the Dhinakarans and also God’s revelation for those seeking God’s will in their business endeavors.