Antichrist’s Reign: At the same time the world will begin to hear the voice of the antichrist coming near. Slowly you will see his grip coming over the nations of the world. Many nations will feel powerless in front of him and will be deceived. New doctrines, new philosophies and new theories will emerge in support of the antichrist. Even the highest level of the society will accept it in a few nations. The youth will be greatly influenced through the television and will start a new life style, which will be anti-Christian. This new wave from the antichrist would be to separate the relationship between the parents and their children. This will be accepted as fashion and some countries where the antichrist lays his hands shall even pass laws to support it. Nations will come together and have tie-ups. There will be co-operation as never before. This will be the beginning of one world concept that will usher in the reign of antichrist.
God’s Blessing upon the Young People: God’s wisdom will rest upon young people, and they will come up with tremendous discoveries. According to Acts 2:17, young men and women will prophesy and see visions and the Lord will bring them to pass. Youth will begin to dominate and will gain pre-eminence in all spheres of life. Young people filled with God’s Holy Spirit will rise in the realms of Science, Sports, and Media and this will resist the power of antichrist.
This year prosperity will increase through the oil productions and oil findings. Many new countries shall become prosperous through oil and gas. New materials will be found which will help solve the environmental crises and also help in prospering the nation. Communication, information, and transportation technologies will improve. There will be an explosion of travel around the world through the latest technologies. Indian youth shall not only play a vital role in IT services but also shall bring out several new IT products of worldwide influence.
Advancement in Various Fields: The Lord will raise groups praying for the nation ushering in the reign of the Holy Spirit all through the world that will bring down the reign of antichrist. According to Romans 10:12, 13 people without any difference will call upon the name of the Lord and will be saved. According to Zephaniah 3:9, people who call upon the name of the Lord shall be united and live in one accord. The Holy Spirit will be poured upon the land and He shall perform signs and wonders. According to Isaiah 28:11 God will pour out His Spirit without any discrimination on all people worldwide. Holy Spirit will reign supreme and the year of 2008 is declared as the year of the Holy Spirit.

  • Peace shall be rattled in many countries due to internal splits and takeovers. But new political alignments shall take place around the world. Governance systems shall begin to change for ushering in a “NEW ONE WORLD ORDER”, for the years to come. It will begin by initially sharing financial resources to maximize returns for all. The political systems shall go through complete revamping in all the major countries. It will be established on the policy of goodwill rather than personal power and authority. No assertive leadership would be possible. Integration and disintegration would happen easily in the levels of governance
  • With great pain shall the dragon (monster) give birth, but the Kings in the Middle East shall resist it. My light shall dawn in the Middle East and My Holy Spirit shall be poured then.
  • The financial crisis shall be controlled but the resources shall go down in all countries.
  • Peace shall prevail amongst the various sects belonging to each religion and convergence shall take place worldwide.
  • Nepal & Tibet shall grow in strength and shall receive world attention.
  • The islands of Timor shall blossom greatly and shall find new resources.
  • The old enemies in the world political scene shall gather together to make peace and pursue forming the new world order.
  • Russia shall rise up in strength and influence among the world nations again and shall try to polarise nations for its benefit to popularise its philosophies in the new world order. It will spread its influence amongst the neighboring nations, the mountainous regions and Eastern belt. It shall do this to eventually focus on Israel.
  • America will become a market place for all – all philosophies, all types of people (evil shall enter the nation through that), disintegration of unity and the unified approach, shall happen, as many leaders with many voices shall rise up. Nature shall be violent and the oceans shall roll. Peace amongst communities shall vanish. A cold frozen atmosphere in administration shall be experienced in all developmental projects due to poor understanding and poor co-ordination. But My hand shall come upon My servants to pray with understanding and humility and unity with one purpose to receive the Holy Spirit and My prophetical anointing, which shall be poured upon them. Then they will lead the nation and the leaders with My guidance and My wealth shall come into the hands of My people in the nation.
  •  Israel shall be subject to My authority (hands) and keeping. It shall become friendly with its neighbours and trade shall increase in its borders. The neighbours will subdue all uprising and peace shall set it, in its camps and mountains. Honey shall drip and waters of life shall overflow from the mountains as in Psalm 133. Love shall descend into their hearts & My word shall open their eyes to see My glory again as it happened to Moses in Mount Sinai. My Holy Spirit shall burn in their hearts and shall drive them to unity in order to look to Me and to cry as in Zechariah 12:10. Now the next leadership shall take over and shall prevail with the world leadership for support to help build the nation and the Temple. The temple Mount shall feel the rumblings under the earth below and My glory shall be revealed through the findings below the ground. I will make them to surface from the depths of the ground as per Isaiah 45:2-3 as treasures and riches which shall make all crookedness to be made straight. Israel shall be celebrated all over the world in many nations. It shall now receive the friendship and understanding of many nations. Psalm 147:14 shall happen. Grand reunion shall take place in the country and between other countries and Israel. All eyes will now shift to Israel. Gold and silver shall flow into it and within it (Isaiah 60, Haggai 2:6-10).
  • China will grow in strength and resources. It will now try to spread its policies across the world. It will carry along those who live with it and share its strength, with those countries, specially, the smaller republics. My gracious hand shall come upon the nation to raise the peasants and farmers as anointed prophets and move the nation into My grace which would be poured upon them. Nothing shall be lacking for them but My divine strength shall enable them to push forward with understanding and power. It will be a revolution to bring great peace, delight and joy amongst all people. The governing authorities would accept it and they will be swept into My grace and anointing. The nation shall grow in stature in the world and well being amongst its people.

  • The buying power of the Eastern countries will increase. The borders of the countries in the Eastern belt will have peace.
  • Finest produces will come from the eastern countries.
  • The Lord showed me a unique thing. Wealth will be generated from ocean resources. New technology for wealth production will come from with regard to ocean technology.
  • The ocean will be harvested for sustaining life, trade of ocean products, habitations shall rise up in the oceans.
  • At the same time there will be huge calamities in the oceans, river beds and so on.
  • When certain countries separate particularly the east and the west there will be an attempt to bring peace and unity between them. However, those dialogues will weaken. The control over nations that are so far not under anyone’s control will weaken and there will be no control over certain nations. Those countries will pursue evil.
  • Consequently, this will be the beginning of the thought of one world governance. When this situation comes up, there will be signs for what is told in Revelations (13:11-18). That is the sign for the coming of the beast.
  • However, the greatest joy is that God’s people are going to receive the glory from heaven.

  • For, whoever serves God diligently, He shall expand their borders on all sides by radiating His Holiness through them. The evil powers around the territories of those who serve God shall not withstand God’s Spirit of holiness that would flow from them.
  • God’s spirit of holiness shall radiate through the servants of God and shall make the wicked and ungodly to flee. Then shall God’s servants posses those lands and the people on all sides. And they shall become a mighty nation (Exodus 34:24,I Chronicles 4:10, Isaiah 60:22).
  • Great provisions of finances and infrastructure shall God grant to all who serve Him and seek Him diligently. God will subdue their enemies and shall make them follow Him under the guidance of His servants. Every project that God gives to His servants shall prosper and prevail.
  • New leadership shall take over the governance of God’s Kingdom worldwide not only in individual ministries and churches but even in the Spiritual and political realm for His governance to be established according to His plans and will.
  • God’s name shall be upon those who serve Him and His authority to do miracles shall be given to them and their ministries to expand the territory of His kingdom. This year shall be a year of miracles.
  • When the children of God, ask for the Nations He shall give it to them. Our Father is willing to give the kingdom to us. God will open doors for us to minister to other nations from India.

  • Developments in space missions, inventions in space technology and in space regarding stars and the atmosphere around the earth shall take place to help humanity.
  • New resources from fossils shall be found, they will also have biblical value.
  • Peaceful transition of power and wealth will take place in key countries of the world and this will usher in key leaders of influence who will later be ushering in God’s peace into the world. Their propaganda of God's peace shall be from God’s word. They will be known as ambassadors of peace. A network shall be formed amongst them. The gospel of peace also shall reach the world through them. Those countries shall profit much and shall open their doors for the gospel.
  • My grace shall come upon the atlantic ocean where the depth of the sea shall bringforth great forms of life to sustain mankind in the realms of medicine specially in growing tissues for healing and health. He that hears My voice shall be careful to invest in it. Behold My Angel shall be seen when these are found in the ocean. My glory shall shine forth in them.
  • My peace shall radiate upon My warriors who have labored hard until now and they shall find rest in Me. Their patience shall hence forth bear fruit in each country.
  • A new generation of young warriors shall rise up in My kingdom who shall have the blend of technology, be courageous and shall conquer the ends of the earth through My word. My peace shall reign supreme in their hearts and souls. They shall know me and knowledge shall shine forth on them through My glory shining from My face.

  • The preparation of My second coming will be activated all over the world in this year.
  • Changes will take place in matters concerning economy and currencies. The value of currency in certain countries will slide down. That will pave the way for the change in the world economy and transfer of power will take place in many countries.
  • In the headquarters of certain nations evil shall be seen and there shall be destruction.
  • Many terrible things will happen on account of the activities of the media in many countries.

  • Engineering advances shall take place in technology and science to usher in solutions for life in areas relating to fuel, transportation and in medicine, even through science.
  • My face shall shine upon the people. They shall know my goodness and turn to me.
  • Dark days shall cover the earth from the East to the Northern Countries.
  • Children will be taught to hate people.
  • But even so My light shall shine upon the chosen few and they shall protect my people in those regions and nations.
  • There will be a move towards monetary unity and binding of trade in the world to bring in cooperation and peace to revive the world economy and usher in provisions for development.
  • Unity amongst the Ministries of the world shall begin to happen to usher in my Holy spirit to bring salvation to all people.
  • Doors shall be opened through cooperation between ministries. This will enable implementation of strategic, economic and developmental projects in nations which will then pave the way for ushering in of My gospel.
  • In 2014 in every part of the world and in every country My glorious gospel shall descend as pockets and shall penetrate through the darkness from this year.
  • My righteousness shall be required from every ministry and My servants, to usher in My glory across the nations in order to redeem humanity as well as the nations.

  • All the evil powers that are destroying the nations in the form of religion shall be subdued in the days to come. Their natural resources and their strength shall be cut off due to their evil practices and abuse of power. They will have no authority anymore. And the Lord says, My name shall have superiority and shall reign in the world from this day forth.
  • My friend, the days when the Holy Spirit shall come upon the young children has come. God's righteousness and the gospel spreading across the world and a time of peace for the nations are beginning. Strong governments, righteous rule and women leadership shall be seen in many countries around the world.
  • Those who are oppressed for the sake of the gospel and the name of Christ shall be raised to leadership positions in the nations and in ministries. The name of the Lord shall reign supreme as resources are provided for God's people.

  • China will lead the market
  • Canada will play a greater role in world affairs to make peace between nations and it will be in forefront developing economies in various countries.
  • There will be new alignment of stars in the sky ( As a star appeared when the Lord Jesus was born)
  • New economies and new economic powers will emerge in the world
  • There will be new trade avenues and new alignment of countries for trade
  • 2014 – April 6th – Russia leading the way for Israel and its neighbouring enemy countries to make peace with each other to start business relations. This will begin. (Is 19: 23,24,25)
  • There will be new commodities and currencies aligning for buying and selling in the world
  • Through this there will be peace deals in the world between countries that were at war or against each other
  • There will be new policies in the leadership of the economic powers
  • The Lord will give new businesses and new technologies to His people who are led by the Spirit this year. Also their families will be blessed with new blessings this year.
  •  God’s ministries will enter into new projects which will be accomplished with God’s favour and bring great increase.
  • World economic powers will come together to form a new front and a new conglomeration to fight terrorism. Nations will align together for the sake of peace. No peace until the Lord Jesus the Prince of peace returns
  • The Justice system of the world will be shaken
  • There will be breakthrough in the travel technology
  • In the realm of medicine there will be new breakthrough in managing pain and pain relief. It will bring great advancements in the realm of healing wounds.
  • Disintegration of existing political and business empires to form new conglomerates