• God’s glory shall return to America as a continent.
  • Great scholars shall rise up and confess Jesus as Lord in the American countries. This will save America. An understanding of the vital sciences of life shall be given to them. The theories of evolution shall be countered at every stage putting an end to them for God’s glory. God is the creator of all mankind and shall remain to do so.
  • God grants His authority and power to all people who believe in His authority to govern humanity. Such people shall be given authority to administer the nation and they shall bring justice in the lives of all people.
  • Supernatural miracles shall God do through them again.

  • America shall have no shelter because it has refused to find shelter under My Word in the company of My saints. But because of its compassion to the neighbours of the world, I will surely bless it and bring resources to make it have influence. God shall reign supreme upon its larger interests in energy and its deposits of coal in the environment.
  • Great wealth and power shall come to it again from its northern shores as it diligently seeks friendly terms with its neighbors of influence.
  • Negligent attitude in America towards God's commandments will cease. American citizens shall then become radiant as people of influence travelling the far seas again from Portsmouth to Benin city.
  • Scouts shall go all over the north to find great resources of power. South & North Carolina(States of USA) will support God greatly and will carry the Word and Bible to the World. God's people shall reign forward from the shores of California.

  •  In the days to come, surely My presence shall fall upon the east coast of the United States of America says the Lord.
  • Greater the damage, greater the trouble, greater shall be My grace. My power will come upon the east coast of the United States of America.
  •  I will send My spiritual fire upon the people who thirst for Me there.
  • The "Power of Knowledge" even in the east coast of USA shall now bow before Me. Those people shall now acknowledge Me as the Lord.
  • And the Lord says, that He will fill the young people and the little children with His Holy Spirit all across the USA. They will get tired in their spirit over the filth and unrighteousness found in their families, schools and society.
  • They will become desperate and will feel that they have no hope because of these unrighteous acts of the elders of the nation as well as in society. It is at that time that the Holy Spirit would be poured out upon them. And these children who would be filled with the Holy Spirit by the Almighty God himself shall stand up against unrighteousness in society and among the members of the family and even in the nation. They shall address the social issues.
  • Those who had been harassed by the devil until now for the sake of Christ in the nation till now, shall now rise up to leadership positions in the nation. They shall be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • The nation will go through a cleansing due to their influence in leadership. "They will be My ambassadors," says the Lord.

  • USA shall gain power and wealth again.
  • But then it will begin to fail in its policies for success as it would give up its stand on Biblical beliefs.
  • It is then God’s hand will be taken away from its Governance.
  • Infighting shall lead to its destruction and political correctness and gender issues shall set in again.
  • Everyone’s hope will then be shattered, there will be evils among the people even molestation in large numbers.
  • But it is then the Holy Spirit will come up on the nation to rid America from all uncleanliness.
  • The Children shall cry out to God and the Holy Spirit shall fill them and they shall rise up with great authority under the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome these evils that come upon them.
  • Super domes shall crash in the United States.
  • Lord showed me even the US Dollar will be shaken.
  • But then the Money power shall be only with those elect who carry the name of the Lord.
  • Then the nation shall humbly acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord will inch closer to them through all these
  • Then the nation shall humbly acknowledge Me. I'll inch closer to them through all these.
  • Truly this is going to be a year when the evil shall rise all across the world. The evil will stand up against God's will and against those who are committed to do God's will, but then the Lord will show a clear difference between those who seek him and those who do not.
  • And this year the Lord will provide everything to make those who seek him to survive in this world according to Philippians 4:19.My God shall supply all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.