• The eyes and the heart of God are turned towards His servants.
  • This year you will see the latter glory of God promised by Him coming upon His servants and His ministry all over the world. God is going to visit His servants and grant justice for all the labour and the sufferings they had endured in the years past Haggai (2:6-10). Deuteronomy (32:43) .
  • For all the blood shed by the servants of God in the ministry, He is going to avenge and grant justice. His glory is going to come upon His servants and through them shall flow into the world Luke (18:7, 8).
  • In this year 2010, God is going to prosper and extend the territories of all His servants involved in the ministry of church, evangelism, prophetic ministry, healing ministry, medical service ministry, education ministry, and social service ministry and bless them with miracles in their ministry.
  • God is going to put a godly fear in the hearts of the people concerning His servants so that they will tremble before them. God will intervene if anyone touches His chosen vessels and sincere servants.
  • Large number of people will come to listen to the voice of God through His servants.
  • God will move among His servants who are lowly and would elevate them.
  • Everyone who had helped, supported and prayed for God’s ministry will be rewarded with the reward befitting a prophet, righteous man and disciple by God this year Matthew (10:40-42) .
  • There will be unity among the servants of God this year. One would see many churches, organizations, ministries and social organizations coming together and as a result the glory of God is going to descend and bring blessings upon the nation Psalm (133:1, 3).
  •  It is a year of fulfillment of the promise given for the young people. Youth will rise up as leaders Acts (2:17).

  • Year of making peace with God
  • The Spirit of sanctification will set in. It will lead to growth in one's personal life. Rev. 22:11 & 12. God will show the difference between those who serve him and those who do not.
  • There have been multitudes who have been prayerfully waiting for the Lord. Their hearts have been prepared to receive him. Blessings will come upon them this year in double measure.
  • House of Prayer will become places of incense to God. They shall prosper and be in peace. They shall be a refuge to all people.
  • Philanthropy will rise in the ministries
  • The Holy Spirit will begin to be poured upon the people of Israel. There shall be repentance unto salvation
  • As Holy Spirit is poured upon Israel. "I will show wonders in heaven above And signs in the earth beneath Blood and fire and vapor of smoke (Acts 2:19)" will be seen.