• Hereafter, in Israel there will be many archaeological findings which will reveal the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and will establish this statement firmly. Through this the nation will open its eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Israel will begin to have peace among its neighbours and miraculously there will be trade from Israel to its neighbouring countries.

  • God will not rest until He has fulfilled His plan of giving visions and dreams to scientists in Israel through the Holy Spirit and this revelation concerning nature and human body will start from the land of Israel.
  • On account of this, the nations of the world will unite with Israel and they will make peace for the sake of scientific research as led by the Holy Spirit to see Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
  • God will never give up, on those who have cried unto Him in the land of Israel for His return.
  • God shall surely pour out His Spirit upon the people of Israel who cry out to Him and it shall begin in the year 2011.
  • Even those who had rejected God and His people shall come to Him and bow down before Him and confess Him as Lord in the land of Israel.

  • Israel shall have peaceful government.
  • Israel shall rally around all communities and shall have peace in its borders. In Israel peace shall prevail in its own communities.
  • In Israel His grace will preserve its resources and shall make the resources increase and no one shall take away its rightful existence.
  • I will uproot all those who do not support my people and shall make them lose their hold on their governance.
  • I will show myself as the God of Israel to its people and shall write my covenant of peace in their hearts enabling them to turn to my true love.
  • The wave of the spirit of Antichrist shall rise around the countries of Israel. However, they shall also see disasters in those countries striking their people causing them to retreat from their endeavors from time to time.
  • Worldwide calls for self destruction will be given, but my Holy Spirit shall be poured on those people who give those calls and their young ones shall begin to prophesy this year.