India will become strong militarily both in the national and international levels. Gospel will be taken to other nations from the Indian shores. Young people in their teens will carry the gospel to other nations and God’s message will be brought forth through CD’s through Internet and using the latest communication technologies. The nation will be blessed through it.

  • This shall be a year of great prosperity for God’s people (Deuteronomy 28:11)
  • I shall cast all devils out of their dens and shall proclaim My name over all the earth.
  • My grace shall be sufficient to all My servants to bring in the folds from all tribes and nations to Me.
  • My loving presence will go with My saints everywhere and shall bring them great honour. My delight shall be upon all who watch for Me and for whom, My word shall be their delight.
  • Kings shall come and worship Me. My statutes shall be in their mouth.
  • My music shall flow through My saints as rushing waters of healing and shall delight millions. Angelic voices shall be heard and the world shall acknowledge Me through that.
  • Technology shall be in the hands of My saints to use it fully to bring healing and deliverance to those in darkness. A great light shall dawn in the world through the new findings.
  • There shall be great takeovers of nations & corporations & buildings by My people worldwide. A cleansing shall take place in the working systems and social life of people. Their delight shall be My law and My ways
  • Personal visitations from Myself and My Angels, as well as Heavenly visitations shall be given this year, to My people.
  • People shall begin to travel widely and the knowledge of My Scriptures and revelations shall increase. Spreading the message of God’s love shall take place widely.
  • Doctrinal differences shall cease and My unifying presence shall bind all My people together. The devil shall then be bound and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit shall begin to overflow amongst large bases of people as well as kings (rulers).
  • The days of Elijah shall come back. Signs and wonders – multiplication, healing and signs in nature shall take place in the Ministries.
  • There will be breakthrough in medical science to develop new systems for curing brain related diseases. The spirit of depression and fear shall be bound by God’s power.
  • There will be earthquakes and natural calamities.

  • India will prosper and blossom in national and international trade. It will produce the most competitive products to sell within the nation and also to the world. The Indian government and the social operations shall become more accountable. Thus the overall production of the country will increase.
  • More jobs will be created and the wealth of every Indian citizen will increase.
  • Even in the social and political realm the young people will take leadership this year.
  • The youth will begin to interfere in every realm of activity such as social affairs, governance and financial deals.
  • The youth shall make peace among all the religious groups.
  • The youth of India shall bring greater tolerance for increased productivity and take the nation to greater heights.
  • The young people of India shall have greater understanding between people and would respect each other.
  • The youth of our nation will stop exploitation in the country. A dominant spirit shall set in among the youth to achieve this.

  • There will be a wave of repentance in India among the people of all communities irrespective of age and economic factors turning them from their wicked ways. Sanctification shall come upon all levels of society. Godly fear shall set in the country
  •  God will do amazing works to cleanse this nation beyond anyone’s understanding or imagination. God asks, "I am the Lord God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?"
  • A renewal shall come upon the minds of people who practice gaiety (a spirit that destroys families) because it will be stopped by the power of the Holy Spirit. The minds of those who practice gaiety will be redeemed and thereby the family bonds will be strengthened.
  • People shall make peace with each other in India. ‘My job’, says the Lord, would be to unite hearts and bring peace amongst all mankind to fight against their common enemies such as sickness, greed, pain of separation and so on.
  • There will be amicable settlements between nations, families, institutions and societies. This will be a year of peace-making.
  • God shall bring great peace in the families. Meticulously, He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to the fathers.
  • The youth shall be filled with God’s glory and shall turn their hearts to care for their parents and elderly. God shall rejoice over it. As God rejoices His peace shall spread over the whole country without boundaries (Psalm 147:14). God shall then fulfill all His promises and people shall fulfill their vows.
  • God will pour His delightful rain of righteousness upon India. Key people in India shall find solace and comfort in God. God’s name shall come upon the key people, and shall give them their reward to show His justice to them.
  • God shall be gracious to those who are gracious. Never once has God forsaken His people and so does He promise today, to elevate those who have professed His name in public.
  • God shall abide with those who profess His name in public and their families to strengthen His will in India through them.
  • The press in India will go through a restructuring and many changes will take place in their operations. Press restructuring will influence India and from India to the world. Gospel will flow through the secular press from India to the world.
  • Doors will open for foreign investments to come into India in certain sectors that are closed today and that will raise India to great heights. The Indian investments will expand worldwide in key countries. The gospel will spread there from India along with these foreign investments.
  • India will rise up in the telecom sector as a world giant providing infrastructure services and technology to several parts of the world. This will again help the gospel to reach other nations from India.

  • India shall have great peace within. My face shall shine on each state and shall bring forth great unity among its people. Wealth also shall be generated in each state.
  • However, India shall fight over water. Until they resolve this water problem in the nation, God's blessings will not come upon India. This will be the next major issue in the country.

  • I shall send the spirit of oneness among the leaders of the nation. I shall make the political parties to interact with one another in the interest of the nation. I shall create an atmosphere wherein they will realise that they will have no life if they do not act together for the welfare of the nation.
  • I shall command wealth and prosperity to the nation of India, so that people can eat to their satisfaction. Days of prosperity shall come.
  • India shall not act independently in the policies concerning world economy. The Government of India shall reformulate its basic laws to enable them to support to lead the world forward. This will pave the way for the industries in India and the businesses of India to flourish.
  • Never again will you fear any harm (Zephaniah 3:15). There shall be peace for a certain period both in nature and in society in the country.
  • I will stamp the head of Satan who is a serpent. He shall never rise up to torment My people this year. The spirit of deception shall not work through the devil and My people shall not be deceived. My spirit will open up the hearts of My people. I shall open their hearts and open up avenues in order to fulfill My will. On account of that there shall be great rejoicing in every ministry and in the nation through that. All the projects scheduled for this year will be accomplished in all ministries.
  • Joel 2:26 shall be fulfilled in the ministries and in the lives of My people. “You will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name of the Lord your God, who has worked wonders for you; never again will My people be shamed.”
  • I shall command a new heart to people in the society. Killing of new born babies shall decrease. The laws to adopt children shall be made easy in the country. On account of that, the guilt of bloodshed arising out of the killing new born babies in the country shall decrease and the nation shall be free of the guilt of blood and so God’s blessings shall overflow in this country.
  • India shall find a place in the councils of the nations of the world.

  • My peace shall radiate in my servants, their longstanding petition shall be answered.
  • They will be served by the angels of GOD.
  • Their sufferings and battles shall end. Everything shall be perfected in their lives and Ministry.
  • My Grace shall come upon the young people of this country.
  • They will discern many things and shall come up with new solutions and findings in technology and services to nations.
  • They shall become national leaders of repute and shall govern this land in righteousness and peace.
  • The trends of life in the nation shall begin to change.
  • My grace shall come upon those in authority in the land and they shall be taught to govern with fear and reverence to my name.

  • This year the Lord told me that the deception of the devil that had been overpowering the governance of the nation, the ministries and the people shall be exposed by the power of God's Holy Spirit and His peace. All the three shall have God's light and divine understanding as to what God wants them to do. Then, there will be growth on all fronts. Everyone shall experience God's blessings in their lives through this.
  • The people of India shall have grace to see His face this year and experience His power and glory. The people shall turn to the TRUTH. The Lord will embrace them. He will kiss them. He will bless them. And they shall become His ambassadors.
  • Even the government shall experience the guidance of God the Holy Spirit. God says those in governance shall cry out to Him, in circumstances where they would not know what to do. Then God the Holy Spirit Himself will guide them through His counsel. And He will answer the prayers that are prayed even by those in government to Him. Thus, God's grace will overflow into the nation of India.
  • Unity and integrity shall come upon God's servants in India. A sense of humility and righteousness shall come upon them and they shall bear great fruit.

  • Greater number of Jobs will be created in the realm of technologies.
  • Interest rates will increase. Buying power will decrease. Deficiency in the availability of certain commodities relating to basic needs
  • New deceptions to entice the youth to decay spiritually and morally shall rise through new technology. But there will be an army of youth to proclaim God's righteousness through their sacrifice and obedience. They shall shine being bold as a lion doing miracles.
  • Those who obey my commands alone shall be exalted in the country. They will not be tail but the head. I will not rest until this is accomplished
  • There will be overall peace across the land
  • God's favour will come upon the land with His generosity and blessings showered wherever the gospel has been preached

  • India will go through a period of absolute change in the governance of the Nation.
  • The governance of the land shall be based on the business culture and shall be focused towards growing new businesses.
  • The culture of the people shall change to accommodate all ritual and ideals consequently.
  • The governance of the central Government shall become strong and shall focus on good governance.
  • The government shall address the issues of climate change and developing natural resources.
  • There will be an impetus to increase power generation and to develop more energy sources in 2017.
  • The country will be quite on all sides and shall have rest.
  • Peace shall set in, in its borders as the focus will be on economic progress and so the country shall gain strength at all levels
  • The Lord said, to Pray for North of India.
  • Strong governments shall be established in the state Governments in North India.
  • And the gospel shall make inroads everywhere, the dignity of people who prophesied the name of the Lord shall rise. And the Lord shall be glorified among them.
  • Andhra Pradesh shall go through a testing time of drought.