• Prosperity to God’s People: God will keep you as a well watered garden and spring of life. Whatever you do shall prosper and nothing shall be dissuaded by the devil. The favour of the Lord will perfect everything that concerns you. This will be the year of goodness, satisfaction, abundance, restoration and prosperity.
  • God’s Grace upon the Children: God will select and choose your children and fill them with the Holy Spirit. Great will be the peace of your children. God will take them to great heights and fill them with His wisdom. The devil can never touch your children God will guide, lead and protect them. On one side there would be youth disapproving parental care but on the other side there will be youth seeking God and fellowship with their families.
  • God’s Favour : God will give you a real focus to fulfill His will. Wonderful publications will come out in God’s word. The spirit of revelation will be tremendous in God’s ministry everywhere. Funds will flow into God’s ministry as never before. For the first time the Governmental support will be made available to ministries. Righteous leaders will rise up and influence the nation, and God’s people will have favour among the other people and they need not be afraid of any opposition rising up against them, for God’s presence will overshadow them. The devil is scheming to bring natural calamities but the Lord will protect the nation and His grace will rest upon India.

  • The world shall move towards the system of monitoring the activities of each human being.
  • The life of each individual, all their day-to-day activities shall be monitored through a central system. Eventually, this would lead to world governance.
  • Space travel shall increase. Space technology shall govern all lives including bringing new advancements in life sciences.
  •  Nature will be changing to fulfill the will of God in the land. The seas shall roll to change the geographical patterns in the world.
  • The nature of the land’s soil shall change. The types of crops and vegetation shall change in the countries. The changes in the nature and in the atmosphere will be seen.
  • Then people shall come together as one – globally, not considering the political separations between their countries, in order to study and understand these atmospheric changes to enable humanity to adapt themselves to live and make changes in these life styles in each nation on earth. This will unite nations.
  • Even countries that are fighting with each other will be brought together as they work towards understanding changes in the nature of the soil.
  • Unity of purpose shall set in amongst all peoples, nations, kings and languages. Scholars, Scientists and leaders of the nation shall proclaim that there is a God who controls the affairs of man and who has the ultimate control over nation and time.
  • It will be a year of prophetical guidance to the leaders. Leaders shall turn to God for gaining knowledge and solutions which will be the beginning of the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon all nations to enable the young one’s to see visions and the scientists to dream dreams to find God as the "Lord of Life". This will begin in 2011.
  • An important thing that the Lord showed me was that the physical structure of the children that are going to be born will see some significant changes in the days to come beginning with 2011.
  • Changes not only in the lifestyles, governance and nature but changes in the structure of the human body itself would be seen. There will be reports in the media concerning these changes beginning from this year 2011.
  • This is a mystery but it will come to pass symbolizing the preparation of the world for the end times.

  • The whole of this year, the glory of God will be upon His children and their families and upon God’s ministries and His servants
  • This year those who have practiced witchcraft against God's people, harassed God's People shall come out of darkness. This shall be the year of their deliverance.
  • Super stars of this world shall come to God's light as God's glory shall fall upon them and bring them out of the darkness which has bound them.

  • And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11,12)
  • Edification of the body of Christ
  • Equipping of the saints for the work of the Ministry

  • You will see a clear divide between those who seek the Lord and those who do not seek Him.
  • This divide will be experienced in the governance of the nations; in the media; in the businesses; in the cultural affairs; in educational institutions; in social gatherings; and even in sports.
  • Those who do not trust in the Lord shall gather together and shall become one force opposing those who trust in the Lord.
  • In 2017 those who seek the Lord shall have nothing or no one to put their trust on, in this world but the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They will live only by following God’s plan for their life.
  • They shall be cared for by the Angels of God themselves.
  • God says that his sanctifying presence shall come upon his servants and shall set them free from all their enemies and they shall govern God's kingdom.
  • The organisations that carry the Lord faithfully shall gain strength and shall be a witness for the righteousness of God in the land. However, God will keep them humble always.