• The Lord shall make His face to shine once again in Europe, Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and France and shall bind them together to pursue research in key areas of human life and forms and they shall find new forms of life. They shall be together in this and shall be a corporate body.
  • I am going to elevate Portugal to great heights and Lisbon shall become a city of influence for all missionary activities.
  • Russia shall remain quiet for sometime in the world scene before it manifests once again as a world super power. Giant leaps shall take place in sceientific advancements there. They shall also find God's peace within their shores and shall discover new resources of value. However, eventually they will rise to subdue Israel.

  • The Lord says, I will bring credibility to My people in the European countries from now onwards.
  • Today those who carry My name have no voice, but then the products that they manufacture and the institutions which they run shall have great credibility in the days to come, because of My name which is upon them.
  • The voice of My people who carry My name will be heard even in the Parliaments and they will cleanse and bring righteousness to the countries in Europe.