• Great changes will take place in China. Changes will take place among the people and as well as in the policies of the government. Signs of dangers of war shall be seen in the country. I shall make small and insignificant people as leaders and they shall reveal my light to the nation and through them My truth will penetrate into the nation and henceforth they shall not be alone in the land of china.
  • This year all over the world My people shall receive great honour according to the days in which they were humiliated they will be honored in every nation. They who are at the background shall come to the forefront in many countries and reveal My glory. This is a year in which My people shall receive justice around the world. This year they shall have joy instead of sorrow.

  • China shall come up in agreements with India in certain areas. Through that this regions of the world shall then have political significance.
  • That will pave the way for the gospel's influence in these lands.

  • The winds of change shall come to China. The Lord says: I will establish My wisdom and knowledge in the hearts of people and they will turn towards Me.
  • For the sake of My name I will surely protect their industries and technology in the nation for the gospel to go throughout the country. The nation of China shall be blessed through the business ventures that shall happen between the people who follow Me and the people of other nations. And those nations will be influenced to experience My love for them through these businessmen and women from China. And these businessmen and women who have righteousness in their spirits and who follow God's ways shall enter into the realm of power in the country during the days to come.
  • Righteousness and My wisdom shall come upon China through this means.