My face shall shine on the African countries as they become men of influence.

  • God says, My face shall surely shine upon Africa. It shall no more be a dark continent.
  • All the strife will stop and the enemies who are destroying the lives of My people shall be paralyzed. Those people who bring evil shall have no power and authority anymore.
  • There will be a time of rest in the countries of Africa and healing shall come forth among the people. And God's name shall come across the continent.
  • Genuine Evangelism shall rise up. "You will see women rising up and preaching the gospel all across Africa in the days to come."
  • "Today the women are harassed; they are killed, and their honour is tarnished. But now the time has come for Me to raise the women of Africa to realms of power."
  • "I will use them to break every power of witchcraft, to break the powers of darkness; I will raise them to bring My Holy Spirit upon the people in every nation of Africa."
  •  "My wisdom shall come upon the women in Africa and they shall govern the nations of Africa in the days to come. They will put down the powers of suppression and evil. They will fight for their children and they will establish laws to bring governance and education among the women in Africa at all levels. ‘The evil fire shall be quenched by them, and My kingdom shall be established in every nation,' says the Lord."
  • When women shall rise to key positions, the natural resources shall flourish in every such country; My gospel will spread across the nations of Africa.

  • There will be genocide happening in different places in Africa.
  • It is then amidst those calamities that God’s face shall begin to shine once again in a glorious way in those countries.
  • The countries in Africa shall engage in PRAYER then and shall begin to have concern and compassion for the poor in their nations.
  • Everyone of their fortress of prayers shall be turned into granaries of hope and goodwill, for all people to be fed. God says I’ll engage them speedily in this mission.
  • The marketplaces in Africa will be full of God’s people and God's servants.
  • They Shall rule the Market.