• This year I will be in the midst of every nation and show Myself as Lord.
  • This year every soul that follows the Lord Jesus Christ shall prosper. 
  • Every church shall prosper. Every building project shall prosper.
  • Great favour shall come upon My people, says the Lord.
  • I will keep them humble and I will place them on high ground as a well-watered garden.
  • I will be merciful to them and restore them greatly.
  • I will pull down every stronghold that is against them and shall carry every one of the faint and the young ones. 
  • Great favour shall be upon them.
  • You, My people, enjoy the prosperity that I shall send to the nation.
  • Present leaders who are known shall quieten down.
  • Young leaders with forward-looking principles and plans for progress shall be placed in authority.
  • India will become a young nation ruled by young leadership.
  • The key players seen now shall be removed.
  • Great gains shall be made in the realms of gold and other precious metals.
  • It will become stronger and the wealth of the nation shall increase.
  • Its products shall become less expensive and shall rule the world market.
  • There will be a great divide between the policies of the North and the South.
  • The South shall gain prominence in the governance of the nation and shall produce several bureaucrats of stature.
  • I’ll empower My people in the North East to gain strength in the governance of the nation.
  • All authority over their land shall be Mine.
  • Extravagance among them shall disappear and their simple lifestyle shall endear all people to them.
  • The North shall yield its fruits to serve the nation.
  • I’ll make the country gain momentum in manufacturing.
  • It shall gain ground in sports and leisure activities.
  • It shall become a destination for world business leaders to invest and grow.
  • My mighty Hand shall perfect everything in North America.
  • USA shall prosper again.
  • I’ll bring them out of all their bondages. Their debts shall reduce drastically.
  • They shall have peace with their neighbours but shall exercise strong economic policies to restrain all those who exploit the country.
  • They shall be mindful of their spiritual stand and shall grow in stature.
  • I’ll bestow on them greater knowledge in technology to stake claim of their rights to governance in world affairs.
  • There will be changes in their economic policies and governance system which will bring in micromanagement in their economic management.
  • Israel will see great peace among its neighbouring countries.
  • My Ark and My Covenant shall be established on the mountain there.
  • My evangelistic fervour shall set in among the Jews and My grace shall spread among them. Many families shall find Me as their Messiah.
  • Peace shall set in its borders.
  • The proclamation of My power and authority over Israel shall be made as trumpets are sounded on the mountains. My great name shall accomplish this.
  • The Lamb of God shall be seen in the heights of authority.
  • Iran will stake a claim to rule several frontiers but their advances will be shot down by the nations of the world.
  • Its economic strength shall decrease and diminish. It shall then search for the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • My name shall be magnified in its roots and all rebellion shall be crushed. There shall be Open doors shall for the gospel.
  • Great gains shall be made for the gospel in the Middle East.
  • Globally Germany shall gain prominence.
  • The South of France shall experience a shaking and its borders shall experience de-stability. It shall lose its powers over its territories and shall be made a scapegoat for many problems in the region. It shall turn its eyes to return to the gospel. My power and authority shall then reign in that land.
  • Effective protocols shall be established for world global trading across nations.
  • Global standards and world trading policies and partnerships shall be set up.
  • Eventually, this shall be in preparation for the ‘one world’ governance.
  • Never underestimate the power of China. They shall become a big brother to all nations surrounding them.
  • But shall eventually have a crash.
  • Then they will know and acknowledge My power.
  • It shall then gain strength to govern My people in peace.
  • Every stronghold against My people in the nation shall be broken
  • Days of great peace shall come upon the land of Egypt.
  • My resolution to cleanse its borders and establish peace in the land shall prevail.
  • The gospel shall gain prominence there.
  • For all the blood shed by the martyrs, there shall be great awakening by the Holy Spirit in the land to receive Me as Lord and serve Me to bring peace to Israel.
  • Enjoy every authority of the world as they begin to turn towards Me.
  • Algeria shall be visited by Me.
  • Morocco also shall be visited by Me.
  • The Yugoslavian nations shall benefit My power and peace.
  • You will enlarge the territories of Jesus Calls for those nations. They will receive you with all dignity.
  • Great stature shall I give you in those nations.
  • My authority shall become sublime in those countries and they shall prosper.
  • Engage Me amongst its people.
  • Africa shall see My glory and shall enjoy My visitations.
  • I shall be the Lord of its people.