God commanded His servant Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in the year 2008, “I give a place near the seat of power in Delhi. You shall establish a Prayer Tower for the Nation in that place, where my people from every state will come and humble themselves and pray for all the people, the rulers, those in authority in the Nation and seek my will for the leaders and the Nation night and day continuously. As they cry before me continuously, I will reveal My will to them and I will save, heal and bless this Nation" (II Chr 7:14, I Tim 2: 1-4). In obedience to this divine command of God to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the National Prayer Tower was established in New Delhi, near the seat of power on 4th Sep 2010, to pray prophetically for the nation of India, to know His will for the nation, for all rulers, people of power and influence from different language groups (Rev 10:7,11). 

1,424 prayer intercessors as 109 batches have been praying prophetically for the past 9 years unceasingly. The Lord of grace has made us remain faithful in our call to pray for the nation all day long, to wait at His feet and to reveal His mighty will to the nation since 4th September 2010. 

Month after month, prayer intercessors from all States come and pray. Non-stop prayers are being offered by the prayer intercessors in batches. As they do, God entrusts them with His prophecies and honors them with unthinkable revelations. We praise God for He answers all the prayers and fulfills all the prophecies that rise up from this prayer tower overlooking the parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and the President’s Palace, ever since its inception.

God has fulfilled many prophecies such as prophecy about the rulers and elections, Supreme Court judges, irrigation policies, relations with neighbouring countries, law & order, solutions for social problems, etc. through these Prayer Intercessors.

It's not just the prayers and prophesies that marvel, but it turns out that every prayer intercessor who steps up to participate, stays and prays at the National Prayer Tower, Delhi ends up to be witnesses to God’s richest blessings in their personal lives too. 

Here are some of those testimonies:


Sis. Renuka, Vijayawada  

I experienced the presence of God each moment in the prayer time at the cabin and also at the devotion time in the guest house. I am so thrilled and happy to have come to National Prayer Tower, Delhi for a month to attend the prayer duty. Thanks to Jesus.
Praise be to God.



Bro. Amit Kumar Kerketta, Odisha   

The National Prayer Tower located at the center of New Delhi, facing the parliament is a remarkable plan of the Lord. In this place, God has answered my prayers, cleared my doubts in the scriptures and has blessed me. I am leaving this Prayer Tower with great satisfaction, having prayed for our nation.
Praise be to God.


We welcome you to be a blessing to the Nation and to your family. 

The National Prayer Tower provides: 

Training, accommodation, food and travel arrangements.

The Prayer Tower also has an office area that performs other operations like the preparation of the list of prayer intercessors for each batch, prayer points preparation and prophecy compilation. 

These operations cost around Rs 40,00,000 per year. You’re welcome to be a part of this huge mission through your yearly/monthly contributions. God shall surely bless you as you turn out to be a National Prayer Tower Operation Partner.

We encourage

-> 40 people to contribute ₹ 1 lakh each or
-> 80 people to contribute ₹ 50,000/- each or
-> 160 people to contribute ₹ 25,000/- each or
-> 400 people to contribute ₹ 10,000/- each

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