A young man depressed and unable to bear the anguish of poverty, sickness, unemployment, and failures in life, and in an attempt to put an end to all the miseries of his life, walked towards the railway track to commit suicide. On the way, he met his uncle who shared about Jesus Christ. Those words served as a balm to his bruised heart. His uncle told him to go home and commit his ways to the Lord. He prayed and committed his life to the Saviour, and returned home with a newfound hope. The joy of salvation filled his heart. This young man was none other than late Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran.

A Supernatural Experience: After this incident, he started seeking the Lord fervently, reading the scriptures, and waiting in the presence of the Lord for many hours. He did this diligently for seven long years - pleading, "Lord! Hear my prayer and grant me your power! I don't want to live a dried-up Christian life anymore!" He wanted to have communion with God like the saints in the Bible had. On October 10, 1962, during a time of family prayer, a divine presence filled the room. He indeed, saw the Lord Jesus Christ face to face, and he heard Him say, "I am Jesus. I have come to bless you". The Lord filled him with His Holy Spirit. He said, "Son, this world has only heard about my love and compassion. However, it has not seen it in a person's life. Today, I am filling you with the same spirit of compassion that I had when I was in this world two thousand years ago. Every time you are moved with this compassion, whatever you ask for my people, it shall be granted."

Supernatural Ministry: After this spectacular supernatural encounter with God, the life of Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran took a new dimension. Every time he prayed for people, he could literally feel the presence of God and the compassion of the Lord filling his heart. The gifts of the Holy Spirit began to operate in great measure, and mighty miracles took place bringing glory to God.