The Bible says, ‘Give thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Ephesians 5:20).

Here is an opportunity to express your thankfulness by sowing in the Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry so that you can touch millions! 

Since its inception in May 1973, Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry has been growing and has completed its 45th year, in May 2018; thus entering a new phase for the glory of God. This magazine contains God’s word shared by the Dhinakarans for men, women and the youth and children, updates on ministerial events, astonishing testimonies and Bible Quiz.

As you know, we are sending the Jesus Calls magazine in 7 different languages to more than 3 lakh families. Help us carry the words of Hope to more families and individuals in need. On an average/consider supporting this significant ministry every month and help us Rs.300 per month or Rs. 3,000 per month or as the Lord leads you.

Each magazine goes through a minimum of 5 pairs of hands every month. We are working on to extend the reach in different languages in the coming months. We have set a goal to reach at least 7 to 8 lakh families which will help us to reach a minimum of 40 lakhs of individuals with the word of the Lord. Every month each magazine costs Rs. 25/- and we want to give it free to anyone who needs it. The blessings of getting these souls to Christ will therefore come upon everyone who supports this noble mission.



Aruna Jeya Prakash, Sivakasi,

I come from a family that had not tasted the love of Christ. At the age of 20,married for 6 months in the year 2000, I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. At that time, the Jesus Calls TV program became our only source to know moreabout Jesus and for our spiritual growth. In 2002, I was blessed with a son and we named him Manova and enrolled him in the Young Partners Plan. I becamean ardent reader of the Jesus Calls magazine. It was a great blessing to me. From 2005 onwards, I started attending the Jesus Calls monthly prayer at the residence of Sis. Glory Rajayogam, a Jesus Calls Ambassador. I was also a member of her Esther Prayer Group. Two years ago, I started an EPG in a nearby village. Usually, the moment I receive the Jesus Calls magazine, I will read “From the Depths of my heart” article and then the main article. In the Jesus Calls monthly prayer held at Sis. Glory’s residence for 4 hours, nearly 20 people will gather regularly. She will assign each person to compile prayer points from the magazine and only this will be our prayer points for that month. In 2018 October when I received the Jesus Calls Magazine of that month in my hand, my eyes went straight to the main articleof Dr. Paul, “You are the Lord’s Chariot of Fire” where he has expounded deep spiritual truths on the four experiences, Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and Jordan. This message went straight into my heart and I started to pray, “Lord I too want this experience.” On that day I received a new and fresh anointing. When I compiled these points for prayer and shared with our prayer group members, all received a supernatural touch from God. From then on, my life has become totally different for the past one year. God has given me the zeal to minister for him with more power and to reach more souls. I thank Jesus Calls ministry and especially Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for the spiritual manna they share through the Jesus Calls magazine. Let millions be blessed.
All glory to God.

Become a partner & be a blessing to the millions

You may decide to support sending the magazine to any number of families. You may contribute to this every month.
We expect a minimum requirement of Rs. 125 lakhs per month for this expansion.
  • 125 persons contributing 1 lakh each    
  • 250 persons contributing 50,000 each OR
  • 500 persons contributing 25000 each  
  • 1250 persons contributing 10000 each OR
  • Any other amount.........as the Lord leads you.

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