The fountain from the mountain soothes the eyes, calms down the soul and chills the body. But after a period of time it dries up, as the weather controls it. That’s exactly the case with the pleasures of the world too. They last just for a while and fade away. Similarly, we tend to feel thirsty. As we do, we drink some water to quench our thirst. But that single cup of water does not quench our thirst for long. After some time we get the same feeling and it just goes on. But what if there is someone who can give us the living water that could quench our thirst forever? Well, let's see.

I remember this incident that happened when I was in my ninth grade. Once I found some of my classmates, a couple of boys and girls talking about something that they saw on their computer. To my utter disbelief, they were discussing pornography! I simply could not handle it. They were talking about seeing people naked and such kind of stuff. Everything was so new and disgusting to me. I went away from them, curled up in a corner and shut my ears. As they spotted me doing so, they started making fun of me.

Guys, give me a break, the boys and girls must have been just thirteen or fourteen back then. The little brains of those brats got really excited listening to those new things. Their bodies got so thrilled, it released adrenaline and all sorts of chemicals. The blood rushes to all parts of the body and the brain becomes so happy. That's when they feel so high and on top of the world! Even Solomon says in Songs of Solomon 7:6,"Oh! How beautiful you are, Oh! How pleasing you are my love with all your delight."

My dear friends, it is true people find pleasure in these momentary sexual elements and try to seek it regularly because they get a feeling of upliftment. They feel high but that is not in any way equivalent to the joy that God has for them. No matter how hard they jump in joy, they cannot reach the heavens. God looks upon those sinful souls trying to get high through sin and He is moved with compassion. He pulls the heavens down for those young souls and tries to fill them with His love. The Almighty God Himself comes down for these hearts to make them realize the real heights of the heavens and joy that surrounds Him.

That’s exactly what Jesus did when He was in this world. We see a prostitute woman in the Bible suffering from shame and despair because of letting her body be used for money. She considered this to be her very purpose and went about attending to the sexual needs of the men thereby ending up a destitute. Although those things looked pleasurable in the beginning, we see her life becoming pathetic later on. We even see her being portrayed as an outcast without name and honour. But in one instance, she comes to Jesus and falls at His feet. She asked Jesus to restore her life with hope and joy for she knew that He was the only one who can do it. Jesus gave her what she asked for. He not only forgave her sins but granted her a purpose of following Him.

Today we might be jumping up and down in pleasure trying to reach some heights but remember that’s just the roof we are touching. The Lord clearly says in 1 Corinthians 6: 13-20, that our bodies are not for fornication but for the Lord. Which is why He sat down with His followers, broke the bread and fed each one of them saying “This is my body that I am giving to you,so that you can be united, with me.” In a way, Jesus was saying, “Your body can be united with me. Let it be a member of my own body. ”And then He says in verse 18,"When that happens, don't sin against your body." Jesus was saying, “Your body has been united with me. When you sin, you sin against my own body.” Therefore,as mentioned in verse 20,"Honor God with your body."

Today, He asks you to honor Him with your body and as you do so, He promises you the real joy and the living water that is within Him.

Perhaps you are wondering how to honor God amidst your lustful thoughts. All you need to do is to wake up every morning and listen to the voice of God through the Bible. He will give you a promise and guide you through. Take it for yourself and claim it. Pray to Him to bless you right away. When you do this, joy comes in like a river and brings living water into your heart. You will receive life. This is what Jesus does!

You may be longing to be loved by others or might want to share your worries with people. Whatever may be your concern, do remember that this world cannot quench your thirst. People can console or comfort you, but soon you will be thirsty again. They cannot quench your thirst forever. But come to Jesus Christ, who gives living water and you won't be thirsty anymore. Those who receive the living water of Lord Jesus Christ will never long for worldly pleasures. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses and the living water satisfies our soul and heart.