Sis. Selvi  - Bethesda Blessing Meeting

Selvi’s father was suffering from hernia. Since he was 87 years old, the doctors said that he might not survive the treatment. In their distress they visited Bethesda where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline were ministering. She took the prayer oil and and water which was prayed on by them and applied it on her father. Then again she took her father to the hospital where the doctors gave him treatment and he was completely healed

AvatarSis. Latha - Bethesda Blessing Meeting

Sis. Latha from Ramanathapuram was having health problems (in her kidney, uterus and so on). Even after many medical check-ups she wasn’t healed. In 2018 she attended a meeting in Bethesda and waited for God to call her name during prayer. In that meeting Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called out her name and declared God’s healing over her. In that moment she received the anointing and all her sickness and pain was gone. She also received peace in her family.

AvatarSis.Daisy Rani- Bethesda Blessing Meeting

Sis.Daisy Rani from Coimbatore was suffering due to severe pain in her right leg and developed severe pain in her back as well. One day while watching the Jesus Calls tv program she heard Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran ministering about God’s power and they prayed specially for people who were sick. She started to pray along with them for her health issues and at that moment received the supernatural power of God and was completely healed of all her pain. Praise God for the healing.


Sis. Jayanthi  - Bethesda Blessing Meeting

Sis Jayanthi from Chennai was taking many efforts for our daughter Priyanka’s marriage alliance but nothing was working out. They went through much depression and heartache. They heard of a meeting being conducted in Bethesda where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul were ministering. They prayed specially for unmarried people and by God’s grace found a perfect partner. Then after 4 years of marriage they didn’t have a child. They spent a lot of money on treatment and some even suggested to try going for a test tube baby. But they trusted in God. Again they heard of a meeting in Bethesda where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying individually for people. After receiving those prayers her daughter conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. They also gave a thank offering for the tv ministry of Rs10000/-. May the Lord bless them richly.



Sis. Violet  - Bethesda Blessing Meeting

Sis. Violet and her family were struggling due many problems related to health and finances. Her husband’s sugarcane shop was not earning them much which in turn led to scarcity of food for the family. From time to time she was suffering from excessive bleeding also. But due to financial constraints she was unable to receive treatment. Depression and unrest seized her. One day as she was watching the Jesus Calls tv program, she heard Dr. Paul Dhinakaran call out her name saying, “Violet, your problems are getting solved. No hunger anymore for your children and your family. Happiness is coming to you.” From that day all her health issues and financial troubles disappeared. They were also able to open a provisions shop. 

When her daughter was young, she seemed to have something like a tumour on her face. No treatment seemed to work for her. Then she heard about the Young Partner’s Plan and enrolled her daughter in it. From that day till now, she’s perfectly fine. She is 10 years old now. Praise God!