The Bible tells us of a little boy who gave what he had, five loaves and two fishes to the Lord who blessed it and fed more than five thousand people who had gathered to hear Him. This little boy became a blessing to thousands. In same way, your children can be a great blessing to millions of broken-hearted people around the globe. The Young Partners Plan offers an opportunity for children to take part in this divine endeavor and God-given mandate to reach out to lonely and forsaken souls in this world. The Lord who watches from heaven will surely bless your generous gesture by protecting your children from evil, fill them with His divine wisdom and His prosperity will follow them all the days of their life.

In 1985, God spoke to Bro. D.G.S.Dhinkaran and gave a divine plan to pray especially for the young children. In obedience to this divine mandate, prayers are offered by the Dhinakarans & the prayer intercessors for every young partners faithfully for their well-being. For the last 31 years thousands of children have been blessed through this divine plan.

The blessing of the young partner is based on the prayer of Jabez as the scriptures in 1 Chronicles 4:10. The Prayer Intercessors in the Prayer Tower and the Dhinakarans pray for God’s protection, wisdom & blessed future for your children everyday.

One can become a Young Partner Plan from their birth till they are married.


- Kadambari, Bangalore.

My mother enrolled me in Young Partners Plan when I was 2 years old and since then my life has been a great blessing. I have always been the topper of my class in studies and also took part in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. In 2011, when I was in my 11th Std I had a life time experience to participate in the 22nd International World Scouts Jamboree held at Sweden representing Bangalore. From my childhood I have been aspiring and working for the Rashtrapati Award by participating in various activities. Thrice I had applied for the award and it was rejected. My mother sent an e-mail to Paul uncle and he prayed for me. I once again applied for the Award and got selected. I also wrote the exam successfully and it was a miracle that I stood first and was selected as one among the sixteen to participate in the Rashtrapati Award Distribution ceremony. I was immensely overjoyed when I received the award from the President of India, His Excellency Shri. Pranab Mukherjee. The Lord has blessed me abundantly in my studies too. I secured 97% in my 12th board exams and also I got a merit seat to study MBBS. Presently I am pursuing my 2nd year in MBBS. The constant prayer of prayer intercessors and Uncle Paul and family for Young Partners has made me to reach great heights. I thank Lord Almighty for showering His blessings upon me. I also want to encourage my fellow friends to join young partners plan and receive such blessings from God.

Gift of a child on the 5th year

- Mary Gold, Gudalur.

The Lord helped my daughter Sajitha to complete her PhD. Soon after her marriage, she conceived but it ended in miscarriage. She again conceived after nearly 4 ½ months. That time she developed pain in her stomach and we were perturbed. I then offered a prayerful vow that I would join the child in the Young Partner’s Plan if God would give life to that child. Accordingly, the child was born healthily and she has started her schooling. To fulfill our vow, I am sending offering to enroll her in the Young Partner’s Plan.