A brother once asked me this question:

Let me start by saying that the Lord alone can change your situation. The insufficiency in your family is the main reason for your fights. We have to stop it. It is God who makes our insufficiencies vanish.
“For it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth” Deuteronomy 8:18

When my father and mother were about to get married, my father asked my mother, “I’m just a clerk. Can you run the family with the salary I get? If you think you can, we shall marry. In my spare time, I‘d go and preach about the Lord. If you’re okay with it I’m ready to marry.” As my mother agreed to everything my father asked, they were united in marriage. They had to face a lot after that. At first my mother suffered a miscarriage. Again, their second child was still born. Then I was born. After me, my dear sister Angel was born who went to be with the Lord when she was just 17 years old. Not only these, my parents went through a period of cruel poverty! My father would get his salary, but it would seldom sustain us the whole month. This was our plight till 1969. My parents were married in 1959 and their days of suffering lasted for about 10 years. In 1969 God told my father that He would make him prosperous and make him handle thousands. God also revealed to him that his days of despair and insufficiency were a test to check his faithfulness in the little that he had.

God promised that He shall expand His mighty work through my father as he was found faithful. My mother just had 4 sarees. And my father used to wear the same white shirt and pants despite its pitiable condition. We couldn't afford to have servants in our home. My mother used to do all the household chores by herself. There were just 4 bathrooms for 25 houses. We would form a queue outside the bathroom with a bucket in our hand waiting for our turn. That’s the way I grew up. For a while my father’s salary remained the same but then, he was promoted in his work with a little increment; by the grace of the Lord, the same salary met all our needs.

Today, the Lord has enlarged this ministry around the globe. We don’t think high of the money we have nor do we serve the Lord when we have money. We do what the Lord says. How great an experience it is to see God working! As we do, the Lord meets all our needs. We even give a portion from the ministry to other ministries around. God has enabled us to open our hands to help others. Giving to others gives joy indeed. We give by building churches as well. We have built 100 churches dilapidated by the Gaja Cyclone. The Lord grants us so much grace and has enabled us to walk without debts! It’s not that we have got so much in the bank. He grants us our daily needs and even makes us help others. Do the same and you shall be blessed.

Disputes in families prevail as one does things unreasonably and the other steps up to clean up the mess. In general, husbands don’t listen to their wives as they come up with plans to solve issues. God will keep you in perfect peace when you trust in HIM. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels! One of the lessons I learnt in life was that blessings begin to descend as we humble ourselves and consider what our spouse has to say. God speaks through the spouse He has given us.

The next thing is that, it doesn’t please God when we waste money. After Jesus multiplied the five loaves to feed the people, He sent the disciples to gather the crumbs. He did not leave those crumbs behind. The income you get is a blessing from God. Don’t ever think that you have earned it. As it comes from the Lord, it belongs to Him. We have to make sure we pay our tithe with it. After doing so, we must give some to the poor. Then before spending the rest, seek God’s counsel to guide you through. We must always make sure we don’t spend beyond our limits.

One of our prayer intercessors is a poor widow and is a sweeper at the corporation. Due to her son’s pestering, she applied for a loan and bought him a motorbike. Just as he bought it, because of his rash driving, he met with a cruel accident and lost his life leaving his poor mother helpless. Who is left to suffer in the end?

Love your family members. Never grieve them. Taking a loan is not a big deal. Growing in your status is not a big deal. But above all, God’s peace must prevail over our families. As you start loving them with all your heart and start giving to the Lord, He shall bless the little in your hands and increase it! There shall be no more divisions or quarrels in the family. This is the Lord’s plan for you.

Brother, this is the answer. Henceforth, when you spend according to your income and give the Lord what you have, He will multiply your income and you shall experience God’s peace in your family and not divisions.
God bless you