" This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD." (Psalm 102:18)

So far, 74,500 messages have been digitized and 6,500 messages are to be converted. 15,000 files have been segregated, coded and archived! All audio and video formats of the messages, prayers, and songs of the Dhinakarans are being digitized diligently. Invaluable messages that have comforted millions around the world are being preserved for the very blessing of the generations to come.

The process of digitizing and restoring those data with cutting-edge technology is en route! As we convert old messages (Audio & Video) into reusable digital formats, we are as well collecting, digitizing and preserving the previously published editions of Jesus Calls magazine, photographs of Prayer Festivals, ministries, other events and so on.

All compact disks with the songs of the founders and the audio/video cassettes with  messages, God’s miracles and testimonies witnessed through the Jesus Calls ministry are currently being categorized respectively. These messages are sure to comfort and transform a plethora of broken-hearted individuals. This project involves huge investments of technical and financial resources. We thank God for all the loved ones who have wholeheartedly offered to this initiative.

Major technical investments involve the following:

• Online post-production editing facility, equipped with online storage with 50 concurrent users.

• Media Asset Management-MAM Software & Hardware, to integrate all the archived and current content.

• Metadata labeling for categorization and classification for easy retrieval.

• Automated LTO & ALTO Robotic Library.

Nearly 12,000 audio files and 62,500 video messages have been digitized so far by your generous contributions. 2,000 audio and 4,500 video messages are yet to be digitized. 15,000 digital files have been segregated, coded and archived. We encourage you to strengthen is further in this ministry so that you and your loved ones shall stay blessed along with the generations to come, through the Dhinakarans.

As you contribute with all your heart, you shall by all means be blessed just like Brother Ragland who testifies as follows:

“Although I was born in a Christian family, I did not experience salvation and was far from God. In 1980, in a meeting as dear Bro. Dhinakaran was speaking, I received God’s love. In 2000, I was led by the Lord to quit my Government job and involve into full time ministry. Our ministry is called “Jesus for you.” As I started serving the Lord, I made a covenant with God, asking Him to take me ahead in ministry without ever borrowing money from anyone. I enrolled myself to be a partner in Jesus Calls as I got saved through it. Just as I did so, the Lord started blessing my ministry and helped me to reach many countries to serve Him. I even made both my sons Young Partners. God graciously opened doors and made them study in Karunya University and they are shining in their spiritual lives as well. As I attended last year’s Partners Meet at Tambaram, I offered Rs 6000/- for the digitization of the messages of dear Bro. Dhinakaran. Upon accepting my offering, Bro. Paul Dhinakaran prayed and blessed me saying, “Lord, help him get this money back a hundred fold.” Within a week’s time as I was ministering, exactly as said by Bro. Paul, the Lord gave me back the money a hundred fold. The Lord who keeps His promises is indeed faithful and enables me to run my family without debts! Praise be to the Lord! I’m serving Him powerfully. Glory to God.”