Trichy is a city known for its rich culture and heritage in Southern India. Jesus Calls hosted a powerful Blessing Meet on the 13th of January, 2018. Thousands of people thronged at the G-Corner Ground, Ponmalai, Trichy, to claim the promises of God and receive deliverance. God in His mercy showered His blessings upon everyone, raising numerous testimonies of healed body and renewed soul.  

The organizers and local pastors received The Dhinakarans with great joy, to minister to the people of Trichy, at the onset of this New Year. God strengthens us indeed! Jesus Calls ministry wouldn’t be able to tirelessly work for the Kingdom of God without His grace and strength. 

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline visited the Trichy Prayer Tower and spent time in the presence of God, praying for all the partners and intercessors of that prayer tower. The Trichy partners meet was held on the 12th of January, where the Dhinakarans ministered to the partners of Jesus Calls Ministry, Trichy. The partners were greatly blessed through the word of God that Dr. Paul shared at the Partners Meet. 

 It was an intercultural, diverse and multi-faith gathering of wonderful people. Sea of people thronged the venue to know about the love of Christ. God’s presence filled the arena and touched many souls. The service was dynamic with an electrified atmosphere and a powerful anointing of miracles. The Students of Karunya led the congregation in praise and worship. Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran led the gathering in prayer; beginning with a very encouraging note “you shall sit back and see the glory of God!” The gathering received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and thanked the Lord from the bottom of their hearts.

The Bishop of TELC, Right Rev. Edwin Jayakumar was honored by the Jesus Calls convener, Brother Charles for his support in organizing the Blessing Meeting.  Rev. JJL Nanaraj welcomed Dr. Paul Dhinakaran with a shawl. Later, the message was shared by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. The anointed preaching was about the graciousness and the abundant love of God Almighty. This year will be the year of crowning glory, as revealed by God to Dr. Paul. People were encouraged, with the promise of God. He’s close to the broken-hearted and welcomes everyone into His fold.

God revealed several names to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and comforted them greatly. Hundreds of people strode their way to the stage to testify the miracle they received during the meeting. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran prayed for deliverance of the people individually and many were delivered from demon possession. Few were given an opportunity to share their testimony on stage to strengthen the faith of the others. The presence of God moved mightily among the people and they were filled with joy and peace as they returned to their respective places. 
Prema & Prabhu lost their baby at birth. She was greatly distressed at the loss of her child. The doctors said that it is very hard for her to have a child as her blood pressure was very high. In 2012, despite her high fever she yearned to participate in a Jesus Calls Prayer Festival. She attended the 3rd-day meeting, longing to hear the Lord call her by name. She was praying in tears for a sign of deliverance. She testified that an uncontainable joy and peace filled her heart when the Holy Spirit led me to call her name out, towards the end of that meeting. God spoke to her, denoting precisely of her concern and promised her to bless her in double measure. She brought both her kids to the stage as a witness of God's unfailing promise.

Suganthi suffered from problems in her uterus that caused dysfunctional uterine bleeding. One day when she was watching a Jesus Calls TV program on RajTv, early in the morning, she heard my husband called her name out, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. She was casually preparing breakfast at that time and she neglected the name calling, considering there could be several of them, named Suganthi. When she was walking towards the kitchen, she heard him call her name out mentioning the color of her clothing.  She knelt down at that very moment and thanked God for the deliverance. Later, the doctors discovered that the tumors in her uterus had vanished. She exalted the name of the Lord on stage, testifying the healing she received.  

Amidst of all the hindrance she faced, Manjula took great effort to participate in the Jesus Calls Partners Meet, held at Trichy.  Her family had lost peace since the demise of her brother-in-law and they were greatly struggling to get over this incident. Their mourning persisted even after months and Manjula desperately looked for deliverance. She was encouraged as I testified how our Lord enabled my family that continued to serve the Lord in peace even after the demise of my loving sister, Angel. As she was praying for such peace to come into her family, the Lord revealed her name to me and comforted her. She glorified the name of the Lord for the peace she received at that very moment.

Paul Raj's family had received numerous blessings through Jesus Calls ministry. He was burdened financially when he participated in the partners meet, held on the previous day. During the time of prayer, God enabled me to call out his name and assure him, his financial blessing. Paul Raj came on stage with his family to thank God and testify God's greatness to the thousands who had gathered. 

Event Date: Saturday, January 13, 2018

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