God is coming soon! It is our heart's desire to see our nation make its way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Calls Ministries always look to impact people with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason Prayer Towers are established. By the grace of God, Jesus Calls Ministries has established its 102nd Prayer Tower on the 5th of January, 2018, in the District of Thiruvallur.  Apostle Thangachan (Shalom Cathedral), Bishop Asirvatham (CEFY Diocese) and other ministers of God from the Dist. Of Thiruvallur joined with the Dhinakarans in inaugurating the Prayer Tower at #46, TNHB, Kakkalur Bypass Road, Thiruvallur- 602001. The prayer warriors in these prayer towers will intercede and pray for the deliverance of the people of all ethnicity, region and culture.

In the evening of the same day, the TELC Church Grounds were filled with the people of Thiruvallur, who came for the first blessing meet of the year. They were thirsty for God's word.  They eagerly participated to declare the unfailing promise of our Lord and to hear the renewing Word of God. The students of Karunya led the gathering to worship the Lord.

 Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran led the gathering in prayer for their blessings and deliverance. Many received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and were delivered from bondages. The people were greatly encouraged to trust in the Lord and motivated to thank the Lord at all times.

“God, He reigns! God's children are going to see His goodness flowing in abundance, in their lives.”  Dr. Paul Dhinakaran delivered the Promise of the year “Year of Crowning Glory”, elaborating on how God’s goodness will act upon His children this year. The people were tremendously blessed and were very thankful to the Lord and His unfailing promises. Many were healed, delivered and anointed by the Holy Spirit, at the meeting. Hundreds of people came forward to testify the miracle they received from God and to share their encounter with the Holy Spirit, during the meeting.


Y. Abraham and his wife Saral had a son after five years of their marriage. Their elder son Jonathan, during his 8th month, had high fever and was losing consciousness when they rushed him to the Government Hospital. The doctors advised them to take him to a private Hospital since he had completely lost conscious. His wife's family contacted the Prayer Tower at that time for prayers. God heard the prayers of the intercessors and their son gained little consciousness as he vomited blood in the ambulance on his way to the private hospital. The intercessors took the prayer request to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the next day and God did wonders after they prayed. Abraham and his wife came up to the stage with their two sons and glorified the name of the Lord by testifying the miracle the Lord had done in their lives.

Robert Nelson and Evarani have four children. Though they had known about Christ, Robert was addicted to alcohol for over 18 years. His family lost peace as he would treat his family turbulently under the influence of alcohol.  On 30-07-2017 God had enabled Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to call out his name and prophesy over him through a Jesus Calls TV Program, telecasted on RajTV. The entire family felt the peace of God come upon them at that very moment. Robert was so glad to honor the Lord by testifying the Lord's wondrous deeds in his life.  Robert's family is so blessed that they have partnered with Jesus Calls Ministry, joining in three different facets. Glory be to God Almighty!

Parimala Kannadhasan and her family lived in quarters for many years. Their heart's desire is to have a house of their own. They desperately searched for houses for over two years but it was in vain. When Parimala and her husband Kannadhasan were watching the Jesus Calls TV Program telecasted on Nambikkai TV, God's word came unto them through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, calling out the name Kannadhasan! God declared that He would build their house. Likewise, they have started the construction of their new house. Parimala also testified the favor her husband received at his work place right after the prayers of the Avadi Prayer Warriors.

He is from Palavedu village and was under the oppression of demonic spirit for 20 years.  Earlier, he was an alcoholic and the Lord changed his life. Now, he praises God and testifies that he is healed of his gastric trouble as he felt the Holy Spirit come upon him during the prayer time at Thiruvallur blessing Meeting.

During the time of prayer, God revealed the name Malarvili and comforted her from worrying about her son's future.   She testified that the burden of her heart rolled away, as she heard the Holy Spirit speak to her while Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying for the great multitude at the Thiruvallur Blessing Meeting.
Event Date: Friday, January 5, 2018

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