On August 15th, a Special Evening Meeting’ was organised in Vanagaram, Chennai. Thousands came in for the meeting themed ‘Freedom’ and claimed their personal freedom from the bondages of sin and sickness.

Samuel Dhinakaran’s time of worship attracted the youth and inspired them to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

God’s presence was evidently witnessed as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran shared God’s word to the people.

Along with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, everyone present held the tricolored Indian flag and offered prayers for the nation. His thoughtful prayer for India resonated well with the gathering.

Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran’s earnest prayer touched souls, healed the sick, relieved people of their problems and made everyone accept Jesus! It was evident that no soul that walked in the premisses went back without being blessed such mighty was God’s presence.

Let all glory be to God.


Bro. Timothy   - Freedom- Chennai Special Blessing Meeting

I am Timothy and I live in Royapettah. I come from a family that did not know the love of God. I got married in 1990, to Nirmala and we’re blessed with 2 daughters.. I was an alcohol addict and a smoker for about 20 years. My addictions caused conflicts at home and there was no peace. I spent all my earnings for my addictions. My wife was a school teacher and I did not mind using her salary too. My actions broke my family financially and we even got into huge debts. By the grace of god, my wife came to know about the love of God and was living a righteous life. As it was so, in 2006, as I was watching the Jesus Calls program on TV, I felt a kind of divine peace filling me. After which, I visited the prayer tower and the prayer warriors prayed for me. As they did, I felt all the darkness leaving me. From then, I started visiting the prayer tower daily. Surprisingly, I was completely delivered of my addictions. There was divine peace within me and my family. Prayer Tower helped me begin a new life as a transformed person. I enrolled my children in the Young Partners Plan and my family in the family blessing plan. The Lord blessed us richly and soon we were out of our debts. I joined the prayer tower as a voluntary prayer warrior, to serve The Lord who delivered me. As I started praying for others, our family was blessed beyond measure. My wife is a prayer warrior too. God’s everlasting love made our children excel in their studies. Our older daughter is a university rank holder in B. Arch and God blessed her with a suitable life partner too. My younger daughter is a hockey player of which she was given a 5-year scholarship for her college education. Today, we as a family are living for The Lord.
Praise be to God.



Sis. Shantha Kumari   - Freedom- Chennai Special Blessing Meeting

I am Shantha Kumari and my husband’s name is Gnanasekaran. We are living in Bengaluru. We got married and 1987 and my husband is a tailor. We have 3 daughters. We were running our family from my husband’s meager income. During this time, my husband became an alcohol addict. Because of no income, I struggled to educate my children and run the family. It was at this time I heard about Jesus Calls and came to the prayer tower and prayed. I realized that God would bless me immeasurably if I supported Jesus Calls ministries. Even though our family income was very less, I started supporting Jesus Calls ministry with whatever amount I could. The Lord started blessing our family. Soon after this, my husband was delivered from all his addictions. The family income improved. I was able to educate my children in English medium school and made them complete their degrees. Our financial status began to improve and we were able to get our eldest daughter married off. The more we supported Jesus Calls Ministries, God blessed our family even more. We also sponsored a TV program on 29th July 2018. Dr. Paul prayed for our family on that day, especially for my knee pain. I was suffering from knee pain for 2 years but I was totally healed from that day. At present, we are very blessed and happy as a family.
Praise be to God.



Sis. Ponmozhi   - Freedom- Chennai Special Blessing Meeting

I am Mrs. Ponmozhi and my husband’s name is Murugan. We are from a family that didn't know the love of God. We got married in 2001 and were blessed with 2 girls. My husband spent around 3 Lakhs and started a fashion technology institute in the year 2014. However, because the institute did not run well, he took many loans. This lead to a debt of around 13 lakhs. We did not know what to do and because of the stress of debts, I began to lose my health. My husband took me to an astrologer, who said someone has done witchcraft against me and to be delivered from it much money is required. Looking at all this, I went into severe depression. I was always blabbering something. My family was in darkness and my husband was worried due to the lack of money. During this time, one of my neighbors told me about Jesus and asked me to come to the Prayer Tower. At first, I hesitated but I went with her. Immediately on coming to the Prayer Tower, I felt very peaceful. After getting prayed, I joined the Family Blessing Plan with the little amount of money I had in my hand. I continued coming to the prayer tower and with prayers, I was completely healed of my depression. Even though I called my husband to the prayer tower, he refused to come. He was also alcoholic and did not believe Jesus. On 21st June 2016, we went to our friend’s house. At that time, they switched on the T.V. and Dr. Paul was calling names during the prayer. My husband commented sarcastically saying that 'he calls only christian names. If what he says is true, let him call my name then I will believe in Jesus'. At that very moment, Dr. Paul called my husband’s name and said “Murugan, you are in a big struggle. God’s complete blessing is coming down on your family and will build your family.” My husband was dumbfounded. He submitted his life to Jesus and got delivered out of his alcoholism. Not only that, Jesus delivered us out of our debts and we as a family are living as God’s children. Now, I am working as an ambassador in Jesus calls.
Praise be to God.



Bro. Karunakaran  - Freedom- Chennai Special Blessing Meeting

I got married in 2005 and my wife’s name is Nirmala. I worked as a mason and took care of my wife and 2 daughters. My work was so unstable and I suffered financially. At this juncture, I became addicted to alcohol. I used to come home drunk. Everyday was a struggle at home with lots of fights. This continued till 2010. Unable to bear my behavior, my wife took our daughters and went to live in her mother’s place. This affected me terribly. I was left with no job or family. Assuming death would put an end to my problems, I decided to commit suicide. During this time, a brother in my neighborhood told me about Jesus and took me to the prayer tower. There I came to know about the family blessing plan and the business blessing plan. Since I had none, I enrolled in these plans anticipating some miracles. I also bought a DVD from the prayer tower book store and watched it at home. In that DVD, Dr. Paul spoke about God’s love and I surrendered my life to Jesus. Then during prayer time, he called out many names and prayed for them. All of a sudden, he called out my name and said, “Lord, look at Mr. Karunakaran, who is crying out without his wife and his children. Touch him and wipe away his tears. Let there be no suicide. Bless their family and let them live. I was shocked listening to those words. After that, I was delivered from my addiction. Within a few days, my wife and children returned to me. My wife who did not know about Jesus, watched Jesus Calls TV programs and was saved. Our family got blessed with divine peace. I started to get work as a mason. I have now enrolled my children in Young Partner’s Plan. I am also supporting the ministry with my income.
Praise be to God.

Event Date: Thursday, August 15, 2019

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