God led Dr. Paul and his family to minister to the people of Namakkal, on the 14th of Jan 2018. Just as they were extremely happy to bring God’s message to the town, so were the residents of Namakkal equally excited to receive it. Jesus Calls ministry has been weaving God’s message of love and extravagant action of peace. Together we live out our faith to create change in the community for good and bring hope to the lost and unsaved.

God has enabled the ‘Jesus Calls’ Ministry to intercede and fervently pray for the people who are in dire need of deliverance.  Prayer Towers are the greatest source of comfort and refuge for such people. Sis. Dr. Paul, Sis. Evangeline along with Sis. Stella Dhinakaran and few other ministers of God dedicated the 103 prayer tower at Address: Jesus Calls Prayer Centre, 84-C, Saravana Complex, First Floor, Trichy Road, Namakkal -637001,. Having inaugurated the 103rd Prayer Tower at Namakkal today, Jesus Calls Ministries thanks the Lord Just as King David “I trust God’s love forever and ever. God, I will thank You forever for what You have done. With those who worship you, I will trust You because You are good.”( Psalm 52:8–9). God is truly mindful of His servants that He strengthens them to consistently pray for the people’s deliverance. Our prayers are that this Prayer Tower at Namakkal must be a light house for countless souls. 

Our Lord Jesus loves His children unconditionally. He is delighted in them, and His Joy will be their strength, for evermore. A great blessing abode the lives of the thousands who participated in Namakkal Blessing Meeting held at Selvam Hr. Sec. School Ground. God works wonders in the lives of His children.  Preparing them to receive such wonders blessings and miracles, is the key purpose of these blessing meetings.  We thank God for His mighty presence that filled every individual at the Namakkal Blessing Meeting. 
The Meeting begun by praising the Lord and thanking Him for the New Year 2018. Brother & Sis Victor Kiruba led the gathering in praise and worship.  Sister Evangeline encouraged the gathering to trust the Lord for He has promised to wipe away their tears. She then led the gathering in prayer, for their blessings and deliverance. As prompted by God, Dr. Paul shared the message of the Blessings the people are to receive through Him by His crowning glory. The crowd witnessed the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many sought deliverance from bondages that bound them for several years. They walked up their way to the platform and testified what the Lord had done in their lives.
Suguna's list of deliverances from our Lord through Jesus Calls Ministry seemed to have no end. The tumor on her right hand that sat tight for over 10 years, disappeared when I asked the viewers of the Jesus Calls TV program to place their hand on the tumor, and prayed over it in the name of Jesus. Her daughter had no child for 6 years. We prayed for her at the Bethesda Prayer Center and God answered our prayers by granting her a son, in the immediate year. Likewise, her husband who obscured himself in the house due to the spirit of darkness was delivered when my husband prayed for him at Bethesda Prayer Center. 

Here is a testimony of Keshavan, evidencing the meticulous phenomenon of Christ's indefinable #love for mankind.  Keshavan suffered from asthma since childhood for 42 long years. His asthma intensified when he joined work at a chemical factory. He had sleepless nights as the doctors were unable to cure him. He gave up on further treatments as they were painful. His sister, who had been saved, took immense effort to take him for a Jesus Calls meeting held at Karunya. Standing in the last row, he wanted to test the Lord. So he confessed that He would accept Christ as his Savior if He delivers him. At that time, the Holy Spirit revealed Keshavan’s name to my husband and delivered him from his sickness. He received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and testified the great relief he found through the miraculous work of our Lord.

Event Date: Sunday, January 14, 2018

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