The people of Mauritius are Multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious. To unite all types of people with the Love of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Jesus Calls ventured into the Island of Mauritius with the Good news. Many partners and well-wishers of Jesus Calls Ministry desired the Dhinakarans to minister among them. For many years, Jesus Calls Ministry has sown God's Word in the hearts of the people of Mauritius After several years of waiting at the feet of the Lord, Dr.Paul Dhnakaran accepted an invitation to take God’s Word to bless the people of Mauritius. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran were given a very warm welcome by the National Jubilee Prayer Festival Committee members Jesus Calls Organizing Committee members at the Airport on October 17th, 2017. 

The Following night, a welcome dinner was organized by the organising Committee members for the Dhinakarans to personally greet, thank and pray for them and their families. The members were blessed with the Word of God which was shared by Dr. Paul at the Banquet. The Mauritius Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment & Sustainable Development Hon. Etienne Sinatambou along with his wife joined the Dhinakarans for a time of fellowship during dinner.

To empower the Mauritians with the gifts of Holy Spirit, Jesus Calls Ministry organized a 2-day Prophetical Prayer Conference. Apart from Dr. Paul and Sister Evangeline, special speakers, Dr. Jebaraj Samuel and Dr. SJ Kingsly were invited to establish the Word of God in the hearts of the People. It was a marvellous 2-day prophetic conference that transformed the lives of many. The conference was scheduled for the 19th and 20th of October, starting from 8:30 in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.  The conference was split into sessions for all the ministers of God to actively utilize their time to deliver the Word and prophetically anoint the gathering. There were over 1300 delegates from Mauritius, South Africa, London and Canada, participated in the Prophetical Conference and were tremendously blessed and anointed by the Holy Spirit. His plans for His children is to prosper them and to give them hope and a future. This Prophetical Prayer Conference was a true blessing to each and every individual who participated. Many were delivered and healed through the Power of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus Calls Prayer festivals are organized all around the globe bringing revival to that city and immense blessings to the people.  Jesus calls had initiated a 2-day Prayer Festival in the Island of Mauritius to deliver the people out of bondages and bless the Nation and their household. The Prayer Festival was organized for the dates: 22nd and 23rd of October, 2017. It was a blessed time to minister to the people of Mauritius. People gathered in thirst to hear the the word of God and experience the touch of God in their lives. God poured His "showers of Blessings" on both days of the "Prayer Festival". The people of Mauritius experienced the mighty power of our Almighty God. In midst of heavy rain forecast and threatening rain during the 2nd day of "Prayer Festival", God heard our prayers and stopped the rain to satisfy the longing souls to hear His word and experience the supernatural touch of our Living God. The power of God came as a mighty wind and the people were filled with the Holy Spirit when Dr. Paul and Sister Evangeline prayed on the last day of the Prayer Festival bring the Fire of God upon the people anointing them with the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of Testimonies rose at the end of the meetings and greatly ignited the faith of the others.  So many individuals gave their lives to Jesus Christ as they were delivered from demon possession and witnessed miracles happen at the premises. 


Problem in the Blood - Manjula
God is always concerned about His children. He precisely revealed to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the name ‘Manjula’ and the problem in her blood and pain in the body. Now Manjula testifies that she has been healed at the very moment. Praise the Lord!


Heavily burdened - Shivan
Shivan was touched by the love of God that made him realize that he was no longer feeling heartbroken. He came to the Prayer Festival, heavily burdened but now he thanks the Lord for delivering him.

Delivered from demon possession - Leena
Leena was confronted by the Holy Spirit and was delivered of her scandalous life. She confessed all her embarrassing actions to the gathering with the assurance of deliverance and peace she received from the Lord. Sister Evangeline and Dr. Paul prayed for her and she was delivered from demonic possession. Glory to God in the highest!

Received the Peace of the Lord - Miacclia
Miacclia received peace of our Lord when my wife Evangeline prayed for the people. She gave an exuberant testimony, glorifying the greatness of the Lord.


It is purely God’s grace that Jesus Calls Ministry was able to minister in a far place, thousands of miles away.  God Loves his children and is longing to deliver them and fill them with His love, joy and peace. This Conference and Prayer festival surely filled the people of Mauritius with the Love, Peace and Joy of the Lord.   Jesus Calls ministry is always thankful for its partners, well-wishers and all the organizers for jointly working along with the ministry, paving the way for the Dhinakarans to bring down the mighty power of the Sovereign God. Our earnest prayers are that, this Prayer Festival should continue to yield more souls for God and bring a revival to the Nation.

Event Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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