By the grace of God, we at Jesus Calls conducted a Prayer Festival in the city of Jalna, Maharashtra on February 17 and 18, 2018 at the Azad Maidan, opposite to the Fraser Boys School Ground. The Prayer Festivals are the most awaited events of the year as the Dhinakaran’s prayerfully ministered to all those who are burdened with sorrow and in demonic bondages. 

Thousands witnessed a mighty move of God’s Spirit and many healings and deliverance took place during the two-day meetings. We, along with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Dhinakaran, rejoiced over the testimonies that poured out one after the other. Indeed, our God is a God of love and mercy. In Psalms 103:8 it says, “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love”. His promise manifested on both the days of the meetings. 

On the morning of February 17, 2018 Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Stella Dhinakaran inaugurated the 106th Jesus Calls Prayer Tower of the country in Jalna. Our Prayer Towers are a haven for those in dire need of compassionate prayers.This Prayer Tower is set up to comfort the broken hearted and to raise countless testimonies of God's miraculous works! After the inauguration Dr. Paul laid hands and prayed for people individually. 

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran strengthened and encouraged the people through the word of God by giving them the true message of hope that only Jesus can wipe away the tears from their eyes. He led the people in a time of prayer were everyone in unison cried out and poured their hearts before God. 

Over thirty thousand souls thirsty for the Lord attended the Prayer Festival and God moved among His children touching and delivering them. The local team did a fabulous job in making all the field arrangements related to the event. 400+ volunteers ministered with great dedication and care to the audience. Their enthusiasm and co-operation plays a major role in the successful running and completion of the event. We are grateful for their willful volunteering and assistance. 

A beautiful time of opening worship was led by the local team. The Karunyans played a major role in various events throughout the Prayer Festival. They led the gathering in worship through singing and choreography and also during prayer time they served by praying and anointing the people with oil. 

On the last day of the meeting, Dr. Paul and his wife Sis. Evangeline along with the  servants of God laid hands and prayed over all the prayer requests that the people had sent in for both the days. With much burden and faith, they prayed that God will answer and provided all the things that His children are in need of. 

Here are some testimonies from Jalna to encourage you in your walk with God:

Here's a testimony of Manjusha; she's a Police Inspector and is from Amravati. She had a severe pain in her knees. She visited the best doctors in Mumbai and Pune; who reported of a ligament tear in her knees and advised that she should undergo a surgery. When she checked with her family doctor, he just said to watch and wait. But, as Dr. Paul prayed specifically for the healing of knees; she claimed the healing that very moment. She walked up the staircase, on the platform without any pain; to testify what God did in her life.
Praise be to God!

This is Sheela; runs her own business. In 2008, she met with an accident and injured her neck and right arm. She took all the medications but the pain never subsided. Because of this, she was unable to do the household chores and had sleepless nights. In 2013, she got to know about Jesus Calls Prayer Festival in Aurangabad. Moved by the Holy Spirit I called out her name, Sheela and said, " Sheela, you cried to God and told Him that if you really love me then my name should be called and I should be healed from all my pain. Jesus heals your neck right now". At that very moment, she felt something leaving her neck and she could move her neck and right arm without any pain. Today, she testified of this great miracle in her life. She is a partner in the Business Blessing Plan. God has blessed her business and she also owns a house.
Praise be to God!

The Lord told Dr. Paul Dhinakarn that because Radhika has gone through several losses, the Spirit of fear has grasped her heart. But on the second day of the meeting, Jesus called her name and delivered her! How real Jesus is! All glory to Him alone!

This is Ganga and he testified the miracle that he received during the prayers.
He had been suffering from cancer for the past 2 years. Due to breathlessness he was unable to walk. He had a tumor in his stomach and as Dr. Paul was praying, God showed him his name and his problem; Dr. Paul said, "There's a person named Ganga, God touches you right now. The power of Jesus is flowing into your body. Rise up and be healed in Jesus' name". At that very moment, he felt something has been removed and there was no pain at all. He's been completely healed of cancer. All glory to God!

This is Anjali Devi. She had been suffering from a skin disease that caused boils on her hands since the passed 20 days. But Jesus called out her name through Dr Paul during the meeting and healed her completely! All her boils have dried up! Thank you Jesus for this miracle in her life!

Rohit Gaikwad was an average student. After XII he got admission in B.Sc nursing. In the first year he failed in his exams miserably. Friends mocked at him and said he would never graduate, so it's better for him to quit studying. This broke his heart and was depressed. People mocked his parents too. But his parents stood by encouraging him. In the year 2013, he heard about Jesus Calls Prayer Festival in Aurangabad. With great burden he attended it. He cried out to God, "If you really love me, then call my name". At that moment, by the power of the Holy Spirit Dr. Paul spoke, "Little boy Rohit, you prayed to the Lord to call out your name; God's wisdom is coming upon you and you'll be a prophet in your young age". Holy Spirit touched him and freed him from the depression he had been in. He returned home and studied with a new zeal. He graduated with 2nd rank in his college. Also, God opened the doors for his job and he was selected as an assistant lecturer. Today, his friends and students are blessing by his prayers. He was also blessed with the post of Secretary of youth mission in his church. Today, he testified of the miracle God worked in his life. Glory to God Almighty!

Suprabha is a God fearing woman but her husband's heart was away from Christ. In 2012, while returning from a wedding on their two-wheeler, they were hit by a tractor. Ajay, her husband, suffered minor injury but Suprabha suffered from a head injury and severe nose bleed. For one year she experienced severe headache, giddiness and ear ache. No medication could help her. This physical trauma also caused her depression as she felt she'll never be healed. With much burden and distress, Ajay brought his wife to the Aurangabad Prayer Festival in 2013. Led by the Holy Spirit Dr. Paul said, "Suprabha, God is healing your ear and brain. Receive the touch of God." At that exact moment she felt something like an electric shock run through her body and all her pain ceased instantly! Witnessing this miracle, her husband's heart softened and he too turned to God. Praise The Lord!

Rajesh had been tormented by the evil spirits, for the past many years. On the second day of the meeting as Dr. Paul was praying, God showed his name and Dr. Paul said, "Rajesh, God will deliver you from the satanic attack. He's going to heal you right now. He's blessing you". Today, he testified of the deliverance that God gave him. All Glory to God!
Event Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018

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